Friday September 22nd, 2023

2014 Bad Draw / Hangrite team!

Bad Draw / Hangrite

Conference (B) NC

Leon Bass
Freddie Bynum
David Byrum
JD Coates
Nick Floyd
David Forbes
CJ Jacinto
John Robinson
Corey Rogerson
Brandon Perry
Brent Powers
Mark Urbain
Keith Whitman


Tim Taylor
Robert Jones Jr (Coach Jones)
Toby Williams
Brandon Cashwell

Wesley’s Housing Center

Tentative Schedule:
Hall of Fame Dual
Peach State Classic
Windy City Invitational
Bash of the Chesapeake
Smoky Mountain Classic
Cincinnati Major
Last Chance
B World

7 responses to “2014 Bad Draw / Hangrite team!”

  1. Dave says:

    Got a feeling there will be lots of double and triple dancing and drrrraaaaw’in this year. Best of luck to the best sponsor and coaches in the game!

  2. Cam11 says:

    Hope that B world comes back to Carolina with you guys good luck fellas!!!

  3. wonderwhynot says:

    No Jorge this year?

  4. WonderNoMore says:

    Jorge is CJ Jacinto…. he is still here

  5. Steve#77 says:

    Smoker team!! Good luck guy’s , see y’all at the Dual!

  6. Bad Draw says:

    @Steve wouldn’t you rather meet in beautiful peter’s creek NC march 1st?

  7. Steve#77 says:

    Beautiful peter’s tried but most of my guy’s said they haven’t lost anything Can’t get them to go that far yet.. Good luck

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