Thursday September 16th, 2021

ASA Super on Net CBS Sport Network October 5, 12, 18


The ASA Super and ASA Long Haul Bomber Stadium Power Tour Finals will be televised on CBS Sports Network. #playasa 

Semi Finals: Sunday, October 5th at 1pm est. 

Finals: Sunday, October 12th at 1pm est. 

ENCORE (Semi Finals & Finals); Saturday, October 18th 12pm-4pm est.

3 responses to “ASA Super on Net CBS Sport Network October 5, 12, 18”

  1. Coach says:

    What teams will be playing each game?

    • DW says:

      The way its worded as semi-finals and finals its hard to say which games will be on. I am guessing it will be the first game of the championship and the “if” game of the championship which would be Sonny’s vs Long Haul/H. Auto/JJ’s/Easton in both games.

      Plus one of the episodes will have the Long Haul Bombers finals.

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