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2014 ASA Long Haul Bombers Finals report!




2014 ASA Long Haul Bombers Finals!


Chickasaw Bricktown Ballpark


Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


September 26th


The finals of the ASA Long Haul Bombers Stadium Power Tour was this past Friday night at the Chickasaw Bricktown ballpark in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  The top 5 bombers from the regular season Scott Kirby from Easton, Kevin Filby from Miken, Chris Larsen from Demarini, Brian Wegman from Easton, and Dale Brungardt from Demarini squared off in the finals.  Also on the line was the Manufacturers Cup to the best team of hitters Easton, Demarini, and Miken.  The hitoff occured in between the first ASA Super Championship game and the "if" necessary game between the Long Haul/H Auto/Easton and Sonny's teams.  Field dimensions were 325-350-415-400-377-365-325.  The Bombers finals will air on, check your local listings for the week of October 5th and 6th.

The Evil ball from and Trump was used as usual in the bombers finals!

These suckers fly!

Christan Dowling from Easton hit first and she was slow to start but hit some bombs later in the session.


Then the 2013 Long Haul champ Denny Crine from Miken hit 10 HR as part of the Manufacturers Cup



Next they hit in reverse order of the top 5 in the standings.

Dale Brungardt from Demarini went first and he hit some BOMBS and put up a big number with 11 HR!



Brian Wegman from Easton went next.  He hit 8 HR.



Chris Larsen of Demarini was next and he peppered the parking garage across the street and took the lead with 12 HR!



Kevin Filby from Miken was next and he hit 9 HR and a couple completely out of the stadium!



Finally it was the favorite Scott Kirby.  Scott hit 9 HR including a number of homers that hit the buildings behind LF across the street.



So when the final numbers were tallied it was:
Chris Larsen – Demarini 12 HR
Dale "Bubba" Brungardt – Demarini 11 HR
Scott Kirby – Easton 9 HR
Kevin Filby – Miken 9 HR
Brian Wegman – Easton 8 HR

Denny Crine – Miken 10 HR towards the Manufacturers Cup

So Demarini's Chris Larsen won the individual Long Haul Bomber Championship!


Demarini's Chris Larsen and Dale Brungardt combined for the Manufacturers Cup!






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  1. Wheeler Huff says:

    Great job Chris and Bubba! way to bring home the win for DeMarini!!!

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