Monday June 17th, 2019

Arizona USSSA All Star Saturday!



Arizona USSSA is holding an all star/border battle tournament on Saturday, December 6th!

Sahuaro Ranch Park!

ARIZONA USSSA Hall of Fame will have it's first 2 inductees this Saturday along with a great Men's event in the morning. DO NOT MISS the All Star Game's in the evening @ Sahuaro Ranch. Watch the best ballers Men and Women in Arizona. #USSSA #UTRIP play the best, see the best softball players around

AZ 20's Team: 

1. AJ Amaro – IF 

2. B. Polvorosa – OF 

3. B. Tooher – P 

4. C. Camarillo – OF 

5. C. Miller – IF/P 

6. D. Kirkwood – OF 

7. J. Conroy – DH 

8. K Smoot – DH/C 

9. M. Fox – DH/1B 

10. M. Henninger – P 

11. M. Nino – OF/P 

12. M. Pettibone – IF 

13. M. Weldon – IF 

14. N. Robertson – OF 

15. O. Cano – IF 

16. P. Burrell – OF 

17. R. McEachran – IF 

18. T. Martinez – DH/C 

19. T. Plautz – OF 

AZ 30's Team: 

Matt Austin, Tyler Beuerlein, Mike Calise, Cameron Chandler, Jose Flores, Brian Huhta, Nacho Hurtado Brian Knight, Bryan Lang, Daniel Lopez, A.j. Montano, David Nowak, Tom Pelsnik, Lex Ramirez, Rey D Chip Rodriguez, Doug Schutt, Michael Tarwater 

AZ 40's Team: 

Rodney Pittman, Dirty, Greg Zayas, mike Michael Riordan, Nieuenhis, Jeff White, George Ruiz, Mike Webster, Benji, Scott Lydy, Jason Kreider, Big Dogg, Money, Booker Sr., Booker jr., Joey Perez, Tony Holland, Ron Seaton,Chad Shultz,Mark Waugh, Allen Gallagher,VINNY, Gabe Monteverde,Ron Parnell,Noel Ballon, Rich Moore, Ron Islas, Mike Calise, Carl Blanks, Jeff St. Onge, John Gresham, Carlos Nunez, Mike Duran, ELBY BUSHONG 

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