Saturday October 23rd, 2021

2014 4 The Fallen/Miken/Evo9x team!

2014 4 The Fallen/Miken/Evo9x
Conference 'A'

Pilar Amaya
Jason Baxter
Geno Buck
Josh Carter
Denny Crine
Charles Cunningham
Isaac Gonzalez
Brandon Gooding
Cody Hynes
Jim Kulovitz
Nate Newman
Dustin Roberts
Nick Sansone
Greg Zayas
Len Anderson – Wounded Veteran
Steve Farr – Assistant Coach
Jaime Fregozo – Coach

Las Vegas Major
Hall of Fame Dual
Seattle Dual
California Major
Smoky Mountain Classic
Portland Major
Michigan Last Chance
USSSA 'A' World
Conference Championships
USSSA Major World Series

5 responses to “2014 4 The Fallen/Miken/Evo9x team!”

  1. Demarini says:

    Is geno gonna be swinging miken bats or he still with Easton?

    • Midgett says:

      Now this gives you something to really play for. wish this team, and what they stand for nothing but success!!! D-Rock your a Beast cuz!

  2. Wondering Fan says:

    Where is Jermaine Flythe at? Is he not playing?

  3. Lets Go Guys! Kick Some Butt!

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