Thursday July 2nd, 2020

2013 Primetime/Easton/Elite/Broughton Rx team

Primetime/Easton/Elite/Broughton Rx (GA)
 Rashard Brown
 Earl Bryant
 Tre Campbell
 Chivas Clark
 Everette Daniels
 Lee Daniels
 Dennis Davison
 Leonard Dean
 John Dutch
 Donta Frazier
 Carlos Garvin
 Ronald Grace
 Nate Holcomb
 Evan Jarman
 Jerblonski Jennings
 David Morrow
 Jarvis Riggins
 Damian Smith
 Tim Stokes
 Nekeyma Wright
 Tony Goodson   Manager
 Randy Whitfield  Assistant Manager
 Chris Evans  Coach
 Clay Dickey  Coach

Hall of Fame Classic
Carolina Shootout
A World
Conference Championships
B World
Major World Series

Adding Valdosta, Chicago or Detroit

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  1. Marquis Johnson says:

    hey primetime family I love yall. when is the dual event

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