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2013 Nationwide Conference USSSA Championship tournament report!





2013 Nationwide Conference


USSSA Championships!


Kissimmee, FL


Aug 30 – Sept 1


Resmondo's Jimmy Salas in the championship game!

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USSSA Conference Championships tournament info and bracket link


Major World Series Qualifying tournament info and bracket link


The 2013 Nationwide Conference Championships was won by Resmondo-Specialty Tank/Worth.  Resmondo went 4-0 to win the tournament and beat Laservision/Desert Falls/Boombah/Easton 26-9 in the winner's bracket championship on Saturday afternoon and 21-15 on ESPN in the championship on Sunday.  Resmondo was paced by MVP SS Don Dedonatis Jr. and Defensive MVP Greg Connell.  Resmondo won 3 of their games by the run rule and scored 20 or more in all 4 contests.  Their defense held their 4 opponents to just 36 total runs or 9.0 runs per game.  WOW!

The Nationwide Conference Championships began on Friday night with the top 16 teams in the nation playing in a "Big East" basketball style bracket where seeds 9-16 played in the first round.  The winner's moved on to the second round against seeds 5-8.  The loser's of the first two rounds dropped into a bracket of their own which is called the "Open" bracket.  The winners moved on to play the top 4 seeded teams for the Nationwide Conference Championship!

The second round on Friday night is where things got interesting as all 4 of the lower seeded teams beat each of the 5 through 8 seeds!  Albicocco beat Red's Astros 22-7 after putting up 15 runs in the first inning.  Taylormade upset Demarini 19-17.  Chaps/Buzini beat Line Drive 16-15.   And Pure Romance shocked GTL Doerflinger R&M 21-17!  

In the third round the only upset was Taylormade who won their third game of the night 30-23 over a stunned Nordkap team.  Resmondo, Laservision, and Shoppe all advanced to the semi-finals on Saturday.

The Major "pecking" order played out again as Resmondo beat Laservision twice and Laservision beat Shoppe twice during the weekend.

In the "Open" bracket which was filled with 'A' teams that had been upset by lower seeded teams, Demarini/Dirty went undefeated in the bracket to win it, beating GTL on Sunday by a run even though Demarini was missing 4 starters and actually had manager George Quinones playing and he helped contribute to the win.  Line Drive Sportz was third and Red's Astros was fourth.

All of the games in the Nationwide Conference Championships and the "Open" bracket were played at the Osceola County Stadium "back" fields.  They are all large baseball fields and used the Dudley ZN Stadium ball.  The weather was hot and humid with temperatures in the 90's and the Stadium itself was unavailable because the infield is in the middle of a re-construction.

The games were competitive as there were only 8 run rule games out of the 36 played, and 16 of the games were decided by 3 runs or less!

Over at the Fortune Road Softball Complex there was a third tournament.  This one was called the "Major World Series Conference Qualifier" where Nationwide Conference teams seeded 18-32 were invited to play for a berth to the Major.  7 teams accepted the invite and it was played out in a 3 game guarantee format.  Team Adiktiv/Dynasty/D2E/LS/TYJA defeated 3rd Street/Louisville Slugger 15-14 in the "if" game of the championship after 3rd Street had forced the second game by beating Adiktiv 13-12.  Team Adiktiv went 3-1 in the tournament including a 31-8 win over where Adiktiv scored an amazing 24 runs in one inning!  3rd Street took a much more difficult route to the championship as they lost their opener to B&B/Sears 16-12 on Friday night, then won 5 straight in the loser's bracket.  B&B/Sears with a few of their recent pickups was third, and Xtreme/Miken was fourth.

The catch of the weekend was made by Brian Logan the center fielder for Taylormade who made a fast diving catch in center field in the gap on Baugh Fords Matt Bunn to preserve Taylormades big win over Baugh in the first round.  The best infield play was turned in by JD Genter at third base for GTL when he made a nice pick on a hard shot with his backhand and started at 5-10-3 double play to end the game against Line Drive Sportz in the loser's bracket final of the "Open" bracket.


Resmondo teammates congratulate Dennis Rulli as he scored on Greg Connell's homer

USSSA was unable to play in the Osceola County Stadium (spring training home of the Houston Astros as the infield gets re-done 


A "mini" version of what the new Osceola County Stadium scoreboard will look like!

Don Cooper of Combat Sports (left) and Bernie Guenther of USSSA (right) call the final games on


USSSA went all out with 4 cameras, a bunch of microphones, and the scaffolding to give the viewers the best angles

The 30+ foot high fence on Field #1

Field #2


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Nationwide Conference USSSA Tournament Awards and Final Standings!

Player Tournament Awards Players Name Plays For
Tournament MVP Don DeDonatis III Resmondo – Specialty Tank / Worth
Offensive Tournament MVP Sam Lopez LaserVision/DesertFalls/Boombah/Eas
Defensive Tournament MVP Greg Connell Resmondo – Specialty Tank / Worth
All Tournament Team Dennis Rulli Resmondo – Specialty Tank / Worth
All Tournament Team Lee Powers SHOPPE / TYJA / LOUISVILLE SLUGGER
All Tournament Team Don DeDonatis III Resmondo – Specialty Tank / Worth
All Tournament Team Kevin Filby LaserVision/DesertFalls/Boombah/Eas
All Tournament Team Greg Connell Resmondo – Specialty Tank / Worth
All Tournament Team Jon Jamison Pure Romance/Chic's/Insanity/Easton
All Tournament Team Kevin Kennington LaserVision/DesertFalls/Boombah/Eas
All Tournament Team Scott Kirby LaserVision/DesertFalls/Boombah/Eas
All Tournament Team Robert Blackburn SHOPPE / TYJA / LOUISVILLE SLUGGER
All Tournament Team BRANDON BELLAMY Pure Romance/Chic's/Insanity/Easton
All Tournament Team Kyle Moyer LaserVision/DesertFalls/Boombah/Eas
All Tournament Team Jimmy Salas Resmondo – Specialty Tank / Worth
All Tournament Team Jonathon Lenz SHOPPE / TYJA / LOUISVILLE SLUGGER
All Tournament Team Howie Krause Resmondo – Specialty Tank / Worth
All Tournament Team Nicolas Santana Resmondo – Specialty Tank / Worth

Nationwide Conference USSSA Championship:
 1 FL – Resmondo – specialty tank / worth
 2 NY – Laservision/desertfalls/boombah/eas
 3 TN – Shoppe / tyja / louisville slugger
 4 OH – Pure romance/chic's/insanity/easton
 5 VA – Taylormade/tm sports/mizuno
 5 MN – Nordkap/Suncoast Reebok
 7 NY – Albicocco/the scene/easton
 7 MS – Chaps/Buzini/BWW/Worth

Open Division Final Standings:
 1 FL – Demarini/dirty/xtremeathletics
 2 IA – GTL doerflinger r&m/easton
 3 MI – Line drive sportz/sss/miken
 4 IN – Red's astros/slugger/stucco/dirty
 5 WA – Team Combat/lbg/derby boys
 5 AL – Baugh ford/mojo/louisville slugger
 7 AR – Fence brokers/hubs pub/gts/worth
 7 IL – Precision/hang rite athletics

Major World Series Qualifying Tournament:
 1 GA – Team Adiktiv/dynasty/d2e/ls/TYJA
 2 OH – 3rd street/louisville slugger
 3 NC – B&B/sears/bmw insulation/easton
 4 MN – XTREME/Miken
 5 TX –
 5 MA – DEI/S&S/Scott's/Easton
 7 GA – Head hunters / oi livingston / mwa

Earl "Cheeze" Scarberry got fan of the year award!


Team by team notes brought to you by:


1st Place – Resmond-Specialty Tank/Worth

Conf 'M' from Florida  4-0 Record

Resmondo heads to the Major World Series with a 19 game winning streak.  In 13 of the 19 games they held their opponents under 20 runs.  Remember back at the start of the season Resmondo scored 25 consecutive wins and their record currently stands as one of the best in the history of softball at 52-5.  Resmondo won their 9th tournament of the year out of 11 tournaments played.

Dennis Rulli was named Nationwide Conference USSSA MVP!

Resmondo's Greg Connell hits one out.  He got the award for most home runs.



2nd Place – Laservision/Desert Falls/Boombah/Easton

Conf 'M' from New York  3-2 Record


Laservision goes into the major at 46-16.  They finished 2nd for the 5th time this season and are now 8-1 against Shoppe but only 3-10 against Resmondo including 6 straight losses.  Laservision has 2+ weeks to get healthy and re-focused as the only mental edge they have right now is the fact that they are the defending champions.  Scott Kirby earned Conference Offensive Player of the Year!

Kyle Moyer

Brett Helmer gets some more interview airtime



3rd Place – Shoppe / TYJA / Louisville Slugger

Conf 'M' from Tennessee  3-2 Record


Shoppe heads to the Major with a 34-16 record.  They failed to win a single tournament.  They were 2-10 against the Major division in 2013.  All that being said, they are stacked with left handers that can use the short porch in right field at Disney, and their right handers are guys like Robert Blackburn, Brett McCollum, and Lee Powers who are great hitters.  Shoppe is in the same spot as Laservision was a year ago, they have to put it all together on the last weekend and make softball history!  Shoppe is a heavy under dog but one worth rooting for. 

Shoppe's David Kessler (left) and Victor Cordova (right)

Shoppe's Robert Blackburn was awarded the Batting Title for 2013

Shoppe pitcher Andy Vitcak



4th Place – Pure Romance/Chic's/Insanity/Easton

Conf 'B' from Ohio  4-2 Record


PRI is 11-6 since the Cincinnati tournament and shocked everyone at the Conference Championships by beating Team Combat, GTL Doerflinger F&M, Chaps/Buzini, and run ruling a hot Taylormade team.  They lost to Shoppe twice by 4 runs and 10 runs respectively.  PRI has that Line Drive and Classic Glass "look" to them right now and are peaking at the right time, right before 'B' Worlds.

This years team is a nice blend of veterans from the Blitz and Columbus Pipe teams of the past and enough youth to keep them fired up and are led by manager Mike Foulkes who has won the 'B' before with AJS in 2010.  Jamison is mashing as usual, guys like Jimmy Carter and Steve Edwards have been huge pickups, and the team is set for a run with a bonus of getting to play in the Major World Series…  Stay tuned.


PRI middle infielder Rocky Staton

PRI pitcher Roger Drake



Tied 5th Place – Nordkap/Suncoat Reebok

Conf 'A' from Minnesota  1-2 Record

Nordkap was my longshot pick to win but they were tripped up by Taylormade on Friday night and lost a close one to Shoppe on Saturday.

Matt Crawford bats against KJ



Tied 5th Place – Taylormade/TM Sports/Mizuno

Conf 'A' from Virginia  3-2 Record


Taylormade may have won their 3 biggest games of the year when they beat Baugh Ford, Demarini/Dirty, and Nordkap back to back to back on Friday night.  Then they dropped two straight to Resmondo and PRI on Saturday only scoring a total of 11 runs.  A nice showing for a team that hasn't played a lot of ball this year.

Tmade infield

Taylormade pitcher Kevin Johnson was like a ball magnet



Demarini/Dirty/Xtreme Athletics – The "Open" Champs!


Team Adiktiv/Dynasty/D2E/LS/TYJA

Team Adiktiv sponsors and management with the trophy

Greg Millsaps, Jeremy Moody, Donnie Munford

Team Adiktiv celebrates a first inning home run by Ron Pearce in the first championship game

Runner up in the Major Qualifier – 3rd Street/Louisville Slugger

Fortune Road hosted all of the games in the Major World Series Qualifying tournament

We will be back at Fortune Road in two weeks for the USSSA 'B' World Tournament!


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Some more pictures for you:

The field announcers and scorekeepers that do such a great job every year at the HOF, Conf Champs, and Major World Series!

They had to tough it out this year in the heat because the stadium was unavailable

In other softball news PrimeTime won the prestigious BSC championship this past weekend!

"Softball Guy" of the week


Most people don't realize Miley was wearing a "Dirty" shirt that night


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