Monday November 29th, 2021

2013 Major World Series bat testing video


This was a video I made of the Resmondo and Laservision bats being tested on Saturday night before the Sunday games at the Major World Series.

One bat for Resmondo failed and two bats from Laservision failed.

The tester is "pre-loaded" to zero then started and if it goes past the green line then its good to go.

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Resmondo bats being tested on Saturday night September 22nd.

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Laservision bats being tested on Saturday night September 22nd.



15 responses to “2013 Major World Series bat testing video”

  1. Gf32 says:

    Who’s bats failed…also how bad they fail

    • DW says:

      I just videoed the testing, I didn’t look to see who’s bat was in the tester. Most of the bats were between 225 and 250 on both teams. The ones that failed, barely failed, in fact you had to take a second look almost just to make sure it was below the green line.

      Is the videos working? I can’t view them at work.

  2. Gf32 says:

    Yes it is working what do you think this says for everyone saying Resmondo has cheater bats. Your not swinging a shaved bat with them stadium balls then have the bat tested again and they pass or even just Barely fail… What’s ur thoughts DW

    • DW says:

      I don’t believe there is such a thing as a stock bat. Just my opinion after talking to lots of people in and around softball.

      In the words of one ex-conference manager – “if its in the bucket, f it, its good to go”

      Until they increase testing, cut bats open, use supplied bats, etc, there is no system that works.

      • Gf32 says:

        What do you mean by not stock bat. So what your saying is they all swing dirty, damn is this is true are these guys really they good if none of them swing the same bats we buy.

  3. setz33 says:

    Why only test one spot?

  4. SR says:

    “there’s the hot bat of the tourney” Flip’s bat had the highest compression of them all! Just proves the dude can mash with wet newspaper

  5. CBush says:

    This is a great look into the behind the scenes of the best tourney of the year. Great video and thanks for sharing. Doesn’t mean the bats haven’t been altered but they meet the requirements.

  6. stx1 says:

    we had very few if any bats test below 250 this year and we had some beat up sticks. there were several newish bats beig tested that were barely 225 in the videos. everybody knows whats going on

  7. Steve says:

    Get the mouth breather away from the camera!!

  8. BB says:

    What was the name of the , hot bat at the tourney?

    • Cliff Conner says:

      KF-30 Super Max. 1.5 oz end load.

      its a new model, they were delivered to the stadium the morning the tournament started.

  9. JD says:

    I was watching the bat testing and saw that not one bat went over 250. some did not make it over 225. Just saying

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