Monday September 16th, 2019

2012 USSSA Winter Worlds


Westshore/TPS beat the J&A Boys 35-25 to force the "IF" game at Fortune Road fields in Kissimmee, Florida at the USSSA Winter Worlds – February 18, 2012.

Then the lights went out and the two teams were awarded co-champions status.

J&A Boys had Brett Helmer, Brian Wegman, Andy Purcell, Don Dedonatis Jr, Greg Connell, Tim Howard, Bubba Mack and others.

Men's Open: 

32 J&A Boys 
17 Miken Dream 

16 Westshore Pizza/TPS 
8 AJS/Easton 

36 J&A Boys 
21 Westshore Pizza/TPS 

17 AJS/EAston 
11 Miken Dream 

21 J&A Boys 
13 AJS/Easton 

24 Westshore Pizza/TPS 
23 Miken Dream 

Now the Open Division goes to Double Elimination: 

36 J&A Boys 
23 Miken Dream 

19 AJS/EAston 
17 Westshore Pizza/TPS 

34 Westshore Pizza/TPS 
28 Miken Dream 

34 J&A Boys 
14 AJS 

12 Westshore Pizza 
11 AJS 

35 Westshore Pizza 
25 J&A Boys 

Westshore Pizza and J&A Boys Co-Champs as lights go out in 2nd inning


Click here for the 'C' division bracket which finishes today.  Looks like Sinister is still alive.


Westshore Pizza photos from their facebook page:

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