Thursday August 5th, 2021

Updated Player Pages for – 2012 USSSA Major WATCH List

I finally updated the Major Players Watch List

Here are the Watch List changes for 2012 – links to player pages are below this list.

Look for the 2012 Major Prospect List in the next couple weeks.

Johnny Bailey moved from major
Brad Blankenship removed
Jason Branch – moved to major
Paul Brannon – moved from major
Mike Chamblis – moved from major
Chris Chilton – moved from major
Victor Cordova – already moved to major list needs fixed
Albert Davis – should be there already
Anthony Dress – moved to major
Joey Formosa – moved to major
Josh Frank – added
Chris Greinert – added
Mark Holstein – added
Bill Honeycutt – removed
Tim Howard – moved to major
Brandon Jonas – added
Kevin Kennington – added
Bryan King – added from Major
Chris Larsen – added to major
Brian Logan – added
Bubba Mack – moved to major
Jacques Millier – removed
Aaron Middendorf – added
Kyle Moyer – added
Nick Musselman – removed
Kris O'Hara – should have been in
Matt Pesso – added to major
Luis Reyna – added
William Rhew – added
John Robinson – added
Kevin Rye – added
Reggie Schulte – added
Michael Stephany – added
Mike Taylor – added
Seth Stephens – moved to major
Brian Zirkle – added

A list of players on the 2012 USSSA Major Watch List

Brian Arnold – Florida

Justin Atwood – Illinois

Johnny Bailey – California

Shaun Ballard – Kentucky

Dan Bean – Missouri

Darryl Beeler – Oklahoma

Greg Bell – Indiana

Tyler Beuerlein – Arizona

Barry Billups – Florida

Stacy Bolton – North Carolina

Paul Brannon – North Carolina

Bill Bray – Michigan

Earl Bryant – Georgia

Wade Busby – Florida

Jim Carter – Ohio

Wade Casey – Texas

Mike Chamblis – Florida

Jason Chamizo – California

Eric Chavez – Arizona

Chris Chilton – North Carolina

Rodney Cook – Indiana

Ray Cowart – Texas

Mark Creson – Arizona

Albert Davis – Florida

Chaun Demars – Minnesota

Steve Dickinson – Ohio

Mike Dill – Maryland

Rhodney Donaldson – Georgia

Cleveland Dortch – Mississippi

Shane Dubose – Texas

Johnny Dykes – Florida

Tom Ellis – Ohio

Ronnie Fields – Ohio

Bob Fisher – New Jersey

Brian Floyd – North Carolina

Sal Formosa – California

Josh Frank – Michigan

Shane Frederick – Florida

John Gallegos – California

Jeff Gare – Canada

Brian Goins – Indiana

Joe Gordon – New York

Chris Greinert – Maryland

Brent Griffin – Florida

Greg Guess – Arkansas

Wayne Habermehl – Illinois

Greg Harding – Virginia

Al Harris – Wyoming

Francois Henry – Canada

Robin Higginbotham – Mississippi

Mike Hilgar – Florida

Nate Holcomb – North Carolina

Mark Holstein – Illinois

David Hood – Tennessee

Dan Houchin – Indiana

Bobby Hoy – California

Rod Hughes – Arkansas

Ken Hutchinson – Texas

Ronnie James – Texas

Scott Janack – Michigan

Brian Jeffers – Indiana

Chris Johnson – North Carolina

Brandon Jonas – North Carolina

Zach Keene – Arkansas

Kevin Kennington – Florida

Brian King – California

Doug Kissane – New Jersey

Joe Kraft – New Jersey

Jeff Lanning – Tennessee

Travis Lane – Georgia

Chris Lashley – Kentucky

Tom Lasko – New Jersey

Brian Logan – Virginia

Mitch Mabe – North Carolina

Anthony (Tony) Mack – Florida

Travis Mathews – North Carolina

Tim Mattox – Ohio

Chad McClamb – North Carolina

Greg McConville – Virginia

Shane McCullough – Washington

John Meyer – Texas

Aaron Middendorf – Iowa

Chris Montenegro – New Jersey

Ernie Montgomery – Tennessee

Jan Moss – Illinois

Kyle Moyer – Ohio

Justin Mucciarelli – New Jersey

Chad Munger – Washington

Jaime Nelson – Florida

Kris O'hara – Connecticut

Will O'Neal – Texas

Jeff Ott – Illinois

Todd Pease – Michigan

Dennis Pierce – Kentucky

Randall Poplin – North Carolina

Jim Powers – North Carolina

Lee Powers – North Carolina

Tot Powers – North Carolina

Brian Puckett – Indiana

Brad Reckart – Ohio

Luis Reyna – Florida

William Rhew – North Carolina

Ricky Robbins – Arkansas

Dustin Roberts – Florida

John Robinson – Maryland

Shawn Robinson – Arkansas

Danny Rodgers – Indiana

Steve Roeder – Indiana

Don Rogers – Missouri

Casey Rogowski – Michigan

Chad Roper – North Carolina

Terry Rosenbalm – Ohio

Kevin Rye – Florida

Jose Santiago – Florida

Danny Sarmiento – Arizona

Dean Schmidt – Indiana

Reggie Schulte – South Dakota

Ken Scobee – Texas

Mike Shenk – Pennsylvania

Oscar Shipley – Florida

Rick Sills – Florida

Jeff Smith – Virginia

Joey Smith – California

Michael Stephany – Missouri

Brad Stiles – Nevada

Mike Taylor – Maryland

Demond Thomas – Kentucky

Ed Thomas – Texas

Eric Thompson – Georgia

Rusty Thorp – Minnesota

Lee Trotter – Florida

Dennis Turner – Missouri

Bob VanEran – Iowa

Ed Vega – California

LC Watson – Texas

Mark Webber – Tennessee

Jason Wetmore – Michigan

Brent Wilhelm – Kansas

Jamie Wise – Georgia

Bob Woldyk – Michigan

Kyle Yerkes – Michigan

Scott Zaciewski – Ohio

Brian Zirkle – Illinois


Sec. 1. A. Only one Major Player from the Major Players List will be allowed on a Men’s Class “B” Team roster.

Sec. 1. B. Any Player whose name appears on a Major Players List shall not be allowed to play at the Men’s Class “C,” “D,” or “E” level.

Sec. 1. C. Any player whose name appears on the USSSAWatch List shall not be allowed to play at the Men’s Class “C,” “D” or “E” level.

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