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Updated Player Pages for – 2012 USSSA Major Players List

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I Updated all of the players pages with their 2011photos.

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2012 Changes to the Major Players List
Johnny Bailey – moved to watch list
Jason Branch – added
Paul Brannon – moved to watch list
Mike Chambliss – moved to watch list
Travis Clark – added
Joey Formosa – added
Tim Howard – added
Bryan King – moved to watch list
Bubba Mack – added
Lee Powers – added
Matt Pesso – added
Seth Stephens – added

USSSA 2012 Major Player's List

Bryson Baker – California

Rick Baker – Indiana

Dal Beggs – Florida

Vince Bisbee – Michigan

Robert Blackburn – North Carolina

Randall Boone – Georgia

Mike Bowlin – California

Jason Branch – Florida

Ken Briggs – California

Keith Brockman – South Carolina

Scott Brown – Minnesota

Geno Buck – Minnesota

Rusty Bumgardner – North Carolina

Wes Campbell – Texas

Larry Carter – Oklahoma

Travis Clark – Wisconsin

Tim Cocco – Kentucky

Greg Connell – Georgia

Victor Cordova – California

Dennis Crine – Nevada

Don DeDonatis, III – Florida

Jim Devine – New Jersey

Dan Dillingham – Florida

Anthony Dress – Minnesota

Chad Durick – Florida

John Dutch – North Carolina

Jeff Edington – Ohio

Kevin Filby – Ohio

Joey Formosa – California

BJ Fulk – North Carolina

Dewayne Frizzell – Florida

Hank Garris – Florida

JD Genter – Georgia

Jamie Gordon – Michigan

Rich Gulash – Florida

Jeff Hall – North Carolina

Kelly Hartman – Oklahoma

Greg Hartwick – Arkansas

Shane Hatfield – Ohio

Brett Helmer – New York

Brian Higginbotham – Washington

Tim Howard – Arkansas

Roy Howerton – Texas

Bob Hughes – Arkansas

Jeremy Isenhower

Todd Joerling – Missouri

Brian Justice – Tennessee

Matt King – Ohio

Scott King – Georgia

Scott Kirby – Florida

Jason Kendrick – Georgia

Randy Kortokrax – Ohio

Howie Krause – Ohio

Chris Larsen – Washington

Alex Laverico – California

Tim Linson – Ohio

Sam Lopez – California

Bubba Mack – Florida

Keith Martin – Alabama

Mike Martin – North Carolina

Todd Martin – North Carolina

Brian May – Ohio

Brett McCollum – Illinois

Johnny McCraw – North Carolina

Sean McDonald – Michigan

Jeff McGavin – Michigan

Bruce Meade – Florida

John Mello – Rhode Island

Bill Messina – California

Brandon Murray – Mississippi

Scott Nastally – Michigan

Dewayne Nevitt – Kentucky

Derek Oliver – North Carolina

Matt Pesso – California

Donovan Pokraka – Colorado

Lee Powers – North Carolina

Andy Purcell – Florida

Brian Rainwater – Georgia

Mike Rhines – Illinois

Wendell Rickard – Louisiana

Ryan Robbins – Indiana

Adam Rockoff – Florida

Mike Rodriquez – California

Dale Roe – Michigan

Dennis Rulli – California

Jimmy Salas – California

Dan Sanchez – California

Dennis Shrum – Texas

Rick Sedlacek – Ohio

Butch Smith – Florida

Seth Stephens – Washington

Scott Striebel – Minnesota

Ryan Thiede – Illinois

Tom Thompson – Ohio

Jeff Wallace – Florida

Shaun Watson – Illinois

Will Watson – Georgia

Brian Wegman – Ohio

Tom White – New Jersey

Derrick Williams – Nevada

Don Wilson – Washington


Sec. 1. A. Only one Major Player from the Major Players List will be allowed on a Men’s Class “B” Team roster.

Sec. 1. B. Any Player whose name appears on a Major Players List shall not be allowed to play at the Men’s Class “C,” “D,” or “E” level.

Sec. 1. C. Any player whose name appears on the USSSAWatch List shall not be allowed to play at the Men’s Class “C,” “D” or “E” level.


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