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Toys 4 Tots Tournament Preview

Toys 4 Tots 2011
December 10-11

Palm Springs, California

Demuth Softball Fields – 4365 Mesquite Palm Springs, California 92262 

Big League Dreams Fields – 33700 Date Palm Dr, Cathedral City, California

The much talked about annual Toys 4 Tots tournament begins this Saturday in Palm Springs, California.   The Open Division has 24 teams broken into 4 pools for flight tournament play with the top 2 teams from each pool playing on Sunday in a single elimination tournament to decide the champion.  Pool play begins at 8 AM on Saturday, December 10th.   A number of the teams have again added some Major players to their rosters. will have updates and information from the 2 fields at the Demuth fields on Saturday.   The chat room on the home page will be up you can ask questions there.

On Sunday I will be at the BLD for the open division final 8 and will attempt to set up a broadcast depending on internet speed availability.   The broadcast is a longshot considering that area does not seem to have 4G coverage.

A full tournament report and pictures will be completed early next week.

'D' Bracket has 30 teams including one from Hawaii

'E' Bracket has 57 teams

Co-Ed Bracket has 22 teams

Open Division – Rosters subject to change

Pool #1
Victory – Munoz team with Chris Arredondo
Sanchos – Andy Maris, Julio Salazar, Chuck Shimels
Team Chaos – ?
SBS – ?
4 The Fallen – Military team with guests Rusty Bumgardner and Bryson Baker

Look for Pitbulls and maybe Sanchos to make it to Sunday with "4 The Fallen", SBS and Victory trying to sneak in.

Pool #2
Nitro Demarini – ASA C World winners
Braves – ?
Anaheim Swats – Conf 'C' team
Classic Glass
Elite – Carlos Vega team
Racks/Sonnys – Tony Verdugo led team – Brian Wegman, Dan Bean, Robert Sena, Nick Robertson, Jay Hill, Chris Greinart, Denny Crine, Frankie Deaver, Jason Krieder, Jason Stephenson, Jr Robledo, Scott Lydy

Racks/Sonny's should avoid upsets for a good seed for Sunday with the second slot for Sunday up for grabs, I'll say Classic Glass.

Pool #3
Avon – ?
Laser Tagged – ?
Famous – John Gilmore?
Nordkap/Desert Falls/Easton – Conference Major team
Fence Brokers – Chris Walker and FBI with some Resmondo players Don Dedonatis Jr and Andy Purcell
Avon – ?

Nordkap gets their team on the field for the first time.  They will have their hands full with FBI and Famous.  Lets go with Nordkap and FBI to make it to Sunday but I'm not sure what Famous has as far as a roster, might be a sleeper.

Pool #4
JBS Galindo – ?
Team Malba – ?
Tyja/Reebok – Jeff Wallace?, Dennis Rulli, and some of the Suncoast players?
So Cal Minority – ?
Demarini – ?
Anytime Garage – Vegas team

Lets go with TYJA and Demarini for the Sunday final 8.

I'll take Pitbulls to win over Nordkap although I think Nordkap could get upset early.  FBI to finish 3rd and Sanchos or TYJA 4th.

Leave your picks in the comments section, send me your roster or post it if I have anything incorrect, and if you are at the BLD on Saturday post some scores of the upper division in the chat room at!

Open Division 1st game start Times
Pool 1
1. 9am.. pitbulls vs Victory .. Demuth 4
2. 9am..sanchos vs team Chaos.. Fenway
3. 10am..SBS vs 4 the fallen..Demuth 4

Pool 2
1. 8am..Nitro Demarini vs Braves..Demuth 3
2. 10am.. Anaheim Swats vs Classic Glass..Fenway
3. 10am.. Elite vs Sonnys..Demuth 3

Pool 3
1. 8am.. Avon vs Laser Tagged.. Demuth 4
2. 9am.. Famous vs Nordcap..Demuth 3
3. 11am.. Fence brokers vs Avon..Demuth 3
4. 12pm.. Famous vs Laser Tagged Fenway

Pool 4
1. 8am..JBS Galindo vs Team malba..Fenway
2. 11am Tyja/Reebok vs So Cal minority..Demuth 4
3. 1pm.. Demarini vs Galindo..Demuth 4
4. 1pm.. Anytime Garage vs So Cal Minority.. Fenway


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