Sunday March 29th, 2020

Remaining SoftballCenter schedule and a note about broadcasting

Any sponsors out there that want me to go to a particular event not listed can email to discuss. 

I would love to go to the McQuade and cover the tournament and Team USA this coming weekend but it is expensive.

As always, anyone that has pictures or a short recap of any upper level tournament can send them to me and I will post it on


DW's remaining schedule

June 22-24 Nothing scheduled for me

June 29-1  Cannot make South Carolina or California Majors due to family event

July 6-8   Arkansas Major (final travel arrangements being worked out)

July 13-15 Smoky Mountain Classic

July 20-22 Cincinnati Major

July 27-29 Cannot make Maryland Major due to family event

Aug 3-5    Michigan Major

Aug 17-19  USSSA 'A' World

Aug 31     Conference Championships

Sept 14-16 USSSA 'B' World

Sept 19-23 Major World Series Orlando – Florida

Sept 28-30 ASA 'A' Nationals


A note on broadcasting:  I hope to broadcast parts of all of the remaining tournaments on my schedule.  However I just found out the hard way that broadcasting two fields at the higher quality is costing a lot more on the Verizon 4G bill than I estimated so I will need your continued support or I will start having to limit the amount of games and fields covered.  I have received donations from 27 people in 2012.  Thank you very much, you know who you are!  Without your support my amateur broadcasts would not be possible.

I am going to try to bring the treestand to the Smoky's main field and have a moving/zooming camera instead of just a stationary one and announce each game.

Thank you for your support,

Broadcasts run exclusively on donations which can be "paypalled" to or email for an address to send a check.

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