Friday February 23rd, 2024

2012 Pure Romance/Easton Roster

Pure Romance/Easton
Manager: Brett Kostoff & Nick Cicchinelli
USSSA: Conference C
Metro: Won't be attending

Projected Roster:
1) Brandon Bellamy (PRI)
2) Rocky Staton (PRI)
3) Jason Gardner (PRI)
4) Ben Cosgrove (PRI)
5) Michael Ditmer (PRI)
6) Mike Thompson (PRI)
7) Chris Wessel (PRI)
8) Tommy Stevens (PRI)
9) Dan Feichtner (PRI)
10) Johnny Miller (PRI)
11) Ryan Noe (EAP)
12) Matt Tucker (EAP)
13) Roger Drake (EAP)
14) Ryan Aloisio (EAP)
15) Chea Romine (Associates)

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