Wednesday April 1st, 2020

Combat/Sports 55 – Maryland Major tournament preview!


Combat/Sports 55 Major Nit

July 28th

27 Teams


 Bachman Sports Complex

The Combat Major in Glen Burnie, Maryland will be played this weekend starting on Saturday morning.  27 teams, 1 Major, 2 A, 2 B, 12 C, and 11 D teams make up the field.  The tournament is held at the Bachman Sports Complex which has 6 symmetrical fields with 300 foot fence distances.

Maryland Major bracket link

Maryland Major team list

 Weather looking a little rough

Lets take a look at the bracket.  This tournament is wide open for the 5 Nationwide Conference USSSA teams that are entered to win it. 

In the top part of the bracket Magic who won Connecticut and have shown signs of playing better will take on the winner of Platinum Sports and Jaxx.  I'll take Magic over Platinum Sports but it probably won't be an easy game by any means.  B&B Sears gets the winner of two 'D' teams.  I'll take B&B to beat Magic to go to the final 4.  B&B desperately needs points to try and slip into the Major World Series.

TYJA has gone 12-5 since their last loss to a non-top 6 opponent.  Look for TYJA to cruise past Semper Athletic and Deluxe Bakery to the final 4.

In the bottom half I like Taylormade to take care of business and beat TNT to go to the final 4.  I think Combat should beat any of the C or D teams that come at them eventhough they will be without Long Haul Bomber Johnny McCraw.

My final picks:
1) TYJA – Suncoast Reebok (TYJA is playing real good right now)
2) Team Combat/Pacific Headwear
3) B&B/Sears/N&N Finishing
4) Taylormade/TM Sports/Mizuno

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