Tuesday July 5th, 2022

Major World Series countdown – #12 West Coast Doerflinger-Easton

#12 West Coast Doerflinger-Easton

Los Angeles, California

West Coast won 2 Conference events in 2012.  They have a veteran team most of whom have played in the World Series before.  WCD as they are known, was just 1-4 on baseball fields this year and averaged 18.2 runs per game while giving up 20.8.  They are 1-3 against 'A' teams on baseball fields this season and have given up 22 or more runs in their last 4 games on the big fields.
West Coast is led by a veteran group of hitters in Julio Salazar and Johnny Bailey who have to come up big in order for them to have a chance at beating Shoppe in their opener.  Middle infielder Matt Pesso who has arguably the best glove in the game is one to watch on the defensive side.  Likewise Steven Lopez is one of the most crafty hitters in the game at leadoff and Cal Ford will have to supply the missing power on this team.  Strojan Kennison will have to pull the right strings and set a good lineup for success.
Outlook: WCD needs to go gap to gap and line to line.  They have an uphill battle considering they are more of a 300 foot fence team but usually provide close and entertaining games on the stadium fields.  Play 7 hard innings and see what happens against Shoppe on Thursday at high noon!

Player's to watch

Middle infielder Matt Pesso

Leadoff hitter Steven Lopez


Power hitter Cal Ford

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