Saturday February 4th, 2023

2012 Magic/S&S/TYJA/Easton Roster


(Name and Team they played on in 2011)

Bill Bertrand –    Banner/RCS
Chris Carr – Magic/S&S
James Giguere –    Magic/S&S
Aaron Guido –    Gas-It
John Hickey –    Magic/S&S
Sean Hussey    –    Portland Pipe
Jeff Lahair    –    Magic/S&S
Chad McCarthy    – Rochester Athletic Club
Kirby Murphy – Rochester Athletic Club
Frank Naugler – Magic/S&S
Jeff Silveira – Magic/S&S
Scott Sunderland – Magic/S&S
Matt Tindell – Gas-It
Joe Venturini –    Magic/S&S
Dale Zwack – TaylorMade

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