Sunday May 19th, 2019

Sonny's-Louisville Slugger wins 33rd Annual Corky's

Corky's bracket

Corky's team list

Sonny's-Louisville Slugger won 7 straight in the losers bracket and double dipped Team CAGear/Longhorn in the championship.  Avenging an earlier come from behind win by CAGear over Sonny's.

Anyone that has a full report of the tournament or some pictures, let me know.



Thank you from Corky's Early Bird for a great weekend of softball despite the monsoon rains on Friday night and Saturday morning!

Most of all, thank you for your patience, flexibility, and understanding as we battled to develop a plan that would be the most fair and still accomplish our goal to get all the games in!

What an amazing team effort by all the teams, the grounds crew, and the umpires to make it all happen!! We believe we had 4-5" of rain in 24 hours.

We entered Sunday with games caught up and the last game finished at 8:30pm last night.

I would also like to extend a special personal [b]Thank You[/b] to everyone that stepped up to help me through this weekend:

[b]Corky Ebeling, Scott Anderson (UIC) and all the umpires, Doug Meier, Travis Hilstad, Doc Schuster, Jeff Barnes, Julie Ebeling, Dan Pfeffer, and especially Brandon Guse and the entire Grounds Crew team!![/b]

[u]Final Standings:[/u]

[u]Open Division:[/u]
1. Sonny's (ASA 2K Series $2000 travel voucher)
2. Team CAGear/Longhorns (B berth)
3. Xtreme Combat (B berth)
4. Viessman Trucking

[u]C Division:[/u]
1. HMC/Easton (C berth)
2. Bryan Rock (C berth)
3. EAI/Pickle Park/Spiderz
4. Viessman Trucking

[u]D/E Division:[/u]
1. Chitown Rockers (E berth)
2. Pin Mar Softball (D berth)
3. Michelob Golden Light (D berth)
4. Sauce Monkeys
5. Sputtering Softball (E berth)

Best Regards,

Loren Dietz
Tournament Director and Event Coordinator

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