Friday November 25th, 2022

2012 Conference “Tweaks” Poll results/commentary


Every year our readers participate in a number of polls over on TheOldScout message board, but how many of us go back and check to see the results? In a series of articles to be posted over the next couple of weeks, I will look back at the 2012 poll results for a variety of topics, and I will of course give my 2 cents worth of commentary about each poll. 🙂


A look back at the Conference "Tweaks" polls from 2012


Conference Tweaks:

Should the Conference play on Mother's Day?

Yes, it is ok                                                           20%  41
No, should never happen                                      56% 116
Yes, but end the tournament on Saturday night   25%  51

208 votes total

DW's Take:
Mothers Day weekend should be spent celebrating wives and mother's.  If you have to schedule a tournament, schedule it so that it ends on Saturday night and everyone can take the first flight out on Sunday morning.  Only 20% of the voters said it
was ok to play on Sunday.

Should the #1 team play all of their games on the show field in the winner's bracket?

Yes, they earned it   24%  43
No, mix it up           76% 137

180 votes total

DW's Take:

76% say the #1 team should not always play on the show field.  I agree with the poll results as far as regular season tournaments but I believe world tournaments should have the top team on the show field.  What happens is the #1 seed gets the #1 umpiring crew every single game as long as they keep winnning.  So they become very comfortable with that crews strike zone and know it inside and out.  While their opponent are often seeing the #1 crews strike zone for the first time that weekend.  Mix it up.  76% is a pretty good majority.


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