Thursday August 5th, 2021

Change in Colorado Conference USSSA Tournament location

Ladies and Gentlemen:

Things here at USSSA are moving very quickly once again now that our 2011 Annual Convention and Hall of Fame inductions are behind us (Congratulations again to Don Cooper, Dal Beggs and Frank Webb on an honor most deserving) and you will be receiving an email shortly from Wendi in our office regarding updates from the Conference USSSA meeting at the convention.   In the meantime, there has been a slight change in the location of the Colorado Rocky Mountain Shootout.  That tournament will now be played in Colorado Springs at Skyview Complex which is right next to the Colorado Springs airport.   The date has not changed, just the location.   Scott Cameron, tournament director, recommends that you fly in to Colorado Springs airport not Denver as the Denver airport is approximately 90 minutes from Colorado Springs.

If you have any questions regarding the location etc, please feel free to contact Scott at

Thanks and I hope everyone has a safe and happy holidays!

Laurie Timmons

Manager of Operational Development



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