Monday February 6th, 2023

Added Schedule —> 2012 Express/Advantage Sports/Worth (Conf-B) Express/Advantage Sports/Worth
Matt Blanton
Brad Blankenship
Brian Autry
Gary Powell
Kyle Pearson
Ricky Smith
Tommie Baugh
Andy Urban
Jeremy Holmes
Chad Pearson
Ricky Haymans

Shawn Wrinkle

Josh Buckner
Jason Mercer

Matt Hunt – Manager
John Adkins – Coach
David Strickland – Sponsor

Website: Express/Advantage Sports/Worth
2012 Schedule
2/28 Boones                                                 Savannah, Ga                         Asa
3/10 Braves Stadium                                   Gwinette, Ga                           Nsa
3/30 Sin City                                                 Las Vegas, Nv                        Conf
4/19 Dual Event                                            Kissimmee, Fl                        Conf
5/5   Daisy Festival                                       Commerce, Ga                       Isa
5/18 Music City                                             Nashville, Tn                          Conf
5/25 Peach State                                           Atlanta, Ga                             Conf
6/1   Space City                                             Houston, Tx                           Conf
6/23 Quest For The Best                              Metro, Ga                               Nsa
7/13 The Smokey                                          Maryville, Tn                          Conf
7/28 NSA State Tournament                        Columbus, Ga                       Nsa
8/17 USSSA A World                                    Kissimmee, Fl                       Usssa
8/31 Conf Championships                           Kissimmee, Fl                       Usssa
9/7   WSL Championships                           Panama City, Fl                     Wsl
9/14 Usssa B World                                     Kissimmee, Fl                        Usssa
9/19 Major World Series                              Kissimmee, Fl                        Usssa

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