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Team USA vs the Cincinnati All Stars Exhibition Report

Team USA vs The Cincinnati All Stars Exhibition

July 14, 2011

Mid America Ballyard

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Team USA swept the Cincinnati All Stars in this years exhibition 3 games to 0.  In game one Team USA dominated from start to finish and run ruled the Cincy team 26-1 (25 runs after 3 innings).  The game featured a grand slam by USA's Rusty Bumgardner and a nice display of backside hits mixed with timely homeruns.  Because the game was over so quickly the two teams decided to play 3 games on the night.

In the second game Team Cincinnati was the home team and jumped out to 9-4 and 19-6 leads in the first two innings.  The whole team was hitting the ball top to bottom and Team USA was in big trouble.  But USA climbed back in it slowly and took a 1 run lead going into the bottom of the 6th and a 6 run lead into the bottom of the 7th.  Team Cincinnati still had 3 bumps left (they were allowed 10 homer's) but could only muster 2 runs and lost 30-26.

In the third game Team USA put up a ridiculous 33 runs in the first inning most of which came after the 2nd out and Team Cincinnati rolled over for them 39-4.

Overall the exhibition was a great experience with a big crowd, some long homer's, some great plays – Bellamy at 3rd for Cincy, Don Dedonatis Jr at SS for USA, and pitchers Andy Purcell and Cincy pitcher Frank Gruber all showed some great glove work. broadcast all 3 games.  John Gallegos who just joined EWS co-hosted with me.  Thanks John, good stuff.  Hopefully it was a little more entertaining and hopefully I can improve on the camera work and announcing with each broadcast.

I understand the ipad, iphone, and smartphones were not able to get the webcast.  I will be with phone support today for livestream to try and understand why.

Good luck to Team USA as they travel to Oklahoma City for the 3rd Annual Border Battle game on ESPN against Team Canada next Saturday at 3 PM?

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Videos of some of the sites and sounds of the exhibition

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Some fireworks and a moment of silence for our troops and those that have served

The players names in Red or Blue below have player pages.  So click the names and check them out.

Those names that don't have player pages need to send me their email addresses so I can get an email interview out to you.

Thanks!   [email protected]

Team Cincinnati

Manager Dave Watanabe
Coach Terry Walton
Coach Kelly Haiber

Brad Reckart
Shane Hatfield
Timmy Cocco
Jimmy Carter
Jon Jamison
Mike Rogers
Dave Kessler
Jay Scott
Terry Rosenbalm
Jason Roesch
Jason Brown
Brad Tabler
Nick Weimers
Shane Spicer
Frank Gruber
Brandon Bellamy

Team USA
Bryson Baker      (Magalia, Calif.)
Rick Baker        (West Harrison, Ind.)
Dal Beggs         (Gainesville, Fla.)
Geno Buck         (Red Wing, Minn.)
Rusty Bumgardner  (Gastonia, N.C.)
Greg Connell      (Moultrie, Ga.)
Don Dedonatis Jr. (Kissimee, Fla.)
JD Genter         (Chickamauga, Ga.)
Brett Helmer      (Cicero, N.Y.)
Bobby Hughes      (Jonesboro, Ark.)
Johnny McCraw     (Wylie, S.C.)
Andy Purcell      (Naples, Fla.)
Brian Rainwater   (Kathleen, Ga.)

This was NOT the ball that was used.  On the broadcast I said it was.  It turns out we got the wrong ball.

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