Saturday July 24th, 2021

Seattle and Arkansas tournament previews


This July 4th holiday weekend features 3 Conference USSSA Tournaments.  2 are being held in Kent, Washington and the third tournament is in Little Rock, Arkansas.

The "double" tournament in Seattle has 17 teams and starts at noon on Friday with the championship game set for  9:30 AM on Saturday monring.  The second tournament starts at 12:15 on Saturday and ends at 12:30 on Sunday.

Seattle Dual Tournament #1 Bracket Link

Seattle Dual Tournament #2 Bracket Link

Traditionally in these "double" tournaments teams that don't do well in the first one do better in the second and vice versa.  So to talk about individual matchups is pointless.

Lets just go with my top 6 for each of the doubles.
1st Seattle NIT
1) Team Combat/Laservision/D2E/Supreme should win both tournaments.  Pharmapar is the only team in the tournament that has a shot at beating Combat even with their struggles this year.
2) Doerflinger
3) Sonny's
4) Pharmapar – I don't like that KTI vs Pharmapar matchup early.  I think KTI wins that one.
Tied for 5th) KTI
Tied for 5th) Classic Glass

2nd Seattle NIT
1) Team Combat/Laservision/D2E/Supreme in the "if" game.
2) Pharmapar – too much power to hold them down two tourny's in a row, although they are probably missing some of the Canadian players who will be at the PIF?
3) Sonny's (could probably get 2nd if Pharm is missing players)
4) Demarini
Tied for 5th) Doerflinger
Tied for 5th) Classic

The big question is, what 'C' team is going to be the flavor of the week and break into the top 4 like we have seen throughout the season?

Seattle Weather Report:
Friday, July 1 – Partly sunny and warmer 72° Lo 50°
Saturday, July 2 – Pleasant with some sun 77° Lo 53°

Sunday, July 3 – Partly sunny with a shower 71° Lo 52°


Arkansas Bracket Link

32nd Busch/Pepsi Softball Classic in Little Rock, Arkansas is also this weekend and features 25 teams.  This tournament has better matchups than Seattle with T's 13 and Sagnasty and Evicted vs DMC in the 2nd round.  Lets go with the upsets.  Sagnasty and Evicted with Sagnasty winning.

In the second part of the bracket lets go with Bingo Longs and RFC with RFC winning.  Really this entire top half of the bracket is wide open with any of 5 teams being able to win it.

In the third part of the bracket lets go with Golds Gym beating Texas Miken and in the bottom half FBI over BWW/Buzini.

In the final 4 then lets go with RFC over Sagnasty and Golds over FBI.

Final 6
1) Gold's Gym
2) FBI
3) BWW
4) RFC
Tied 5th) Sagnasty
Tied 5th) Bingo Long

Regardless of what happens we should have a team win that has never won a Conference event before and this tournament has a nice 'B' World feel to it.

Weather in Arkansas:
Friday, July 1 – Mostly sunny and hot 96° Lo 69°
Saturday, July 2 – Mostly sunny and hot 98° Lo 71°
Sunday, July 3 – Mostly sunny and hot 96° Lo 74


I will be at the Smoky next week.   Anyone that gets pictures or wants to send me a paragraph on what happens in Seattle or Arkansas, I would appreciate it and will post a small report next week.   [email protected].    I also have a report coming from The PIF in Canada next week.   And I am still working on possibly broadcasting the main field at the Smoky.   The problem there is that they don't have internet or Verizon 4g service.

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