Tuesday June 18th, 2019

2011 NSA 35+ World Report

The NSA 35+ World Series

Indy Sports Park Oct 1

For the second year in a row, Team Kohn/Pepco emerges victorious.  Team Kohn finished 4-0 defeating Floors Ultd., StreetKids and Reds/TPS(twice).  Members of the winning Kohn team were Jason Kendrick, Jeff Mcgavin, Scott Streibel, Mike Rhines, Paul Stanley, John Dutch, Brian Puckett, Dale Roe, Jack Bowker, Shane Spicer, Brad Stillwell, Franco Renner, Mike Koerntgen, Joe Yager and Reuben Villanueva.

Reds TPS finished second with another strong showing.  Reds roster featured Bryan Goins, Doug Martin, Brad Jones, Larry Wert and Rodney Falls.

Big Ticket/Creative Stucco with Ryan Robbins, Mike Rose, Chris Moon, Chris Kirian and Brian Farrar finished third.

MVP- Mike Rhines Team Kohn
All tourney selections from Team Kohn
Jason Kendrick
Shane Spicer
Dale Roe

Team Kohn's MVP Mike Rhines pictured with Paul Stanley

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