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2011 Music City Classic Tournament Preview!

"Music City Classic"

Gallatin, Tennessee

May 20 – May 22

The "Music City" Classic will be played this weekend, May 20-22, at Triple Creek Park in Gallatin, Tennessee outside of Nashville.

The tournament features another quality field of 28 teams.  1-Major, 6-'A', 8-'B', 10 'C', and 3 'D'.  17 of the teams are from the Conference USSSA.

Triple Creek Park has 8 fields total but it looks like only the main 4 fields will be used for the Major and the back fields will be used for a decent sized women's tournament.  Two of the main fields 11 and 12 are baseball sized with 325 foot fence distance down the lines and 375 in center.

The tournament starts on Friday night at 7 PM. 

In the top quarter of the bracket Sinister gets a bye from the first round and awaits one of the best games of Friday night, Primetime vs Hustlers.  Hustlers has some big hitters and they usually use the Stadium ZN on those two big fields.   This should be a shootout and as much as I want Primetime to have success, I think they will have their hands full with Hustlers.   I'm going to take Hustlers in an upset.   Then Sinister to beat either team in the second round although the big field, I don't feel, helps Sinister any at all.   Any of these 3 teams has a shot at making it to the final 8.

I will also take a struggling Midwest Swing team to beat FBI on Saturday morning.

Sinister over Midwest Swing to go to the final 4.

In the second quarter of the bracket Linedrive plays Major League early Saturday morning.   Lets go with Major League in an upset.   This game is on the show field and will be a good one.   I will take RFC over Major League in the second round.

To complete that part of the bracket you have a Friday night showdown with an improved Gas It team playing Taylormade who is in their first Conference tournament of the year and the winner gets Shoppe.  Lets go with Shoppe over Taylormade although the Taylormade vs Gas It game may be a coin toss.

Shoppe over RFC to go to the final 4.

In the 3rd quarter of the bracket lets go with EWS over DMC late Friday night and Team 454 over   EWS over Team 454 to make the final 4.

In the final part of the bracket lets go with Famous over BWW/Buzini and Combat/Laser Vision over CA Sports setting up a rematch of the Las Vegas extra innings grudge match that Famous and Laser Vision had early in the season.

This is where the picking gets really tough.   What is Laser Vision bringing?   How healthy are they?   I'll go with Famous over Laser Vision to make the final 4.

In the final 4 lets go with Shoppe over Sinister and EWS over Famous.   I'll take Shoppe to win the tournament.   2nd will be EWS, third Famous, and 4th Laser Vision.

My streak of picking the winner could come to an end this weekend.   Laser Vision is due for a good weekend but I just can't bring myself to pick them.   That first game when Rick Baker doubles, Helmer and Wegs homer I'm sure I'll be feeling like I made a bad choice.   Laser Vision is still built pretty well for the big fields and they'll remember what Shoppe did to them at the Hall of Fame tournament with that 20+ run inning.

Player Moves:
Scott Zaciewski is playing with Combat/Laser Vision now.

Phillip White is playing with Team 454/Worth

Weather for the tournament:
Friday May 20 – Partly sunny and very warm 87° Lo 63°

Saturday May 21 – Partly sunny and very warm 89° Lo 64°

Sunday May 22 – Some sun, a t-storm possible 87° Lo 63°

Triple Creek is a nice place to take in a Major tournament with a quality field of teams such as we have this weekend.  The park could use some shade but other than that the two big fields with the good ball usually make for some great games and there is no Resmondo this year so the tournament is wide open to win.

Music City Bracket Link


28 Winners Bracket

  Fri 8:15 PM F11   (13                
[GA] PRIMETIME/EASTON                
Fri 7:00 PM F11   (1                  
[IN] HUSTLERS                
    Sat 3:30 PM F10   (37              
[IN] MIDWEST SWING / MIKEN                
Sat 8:00 AM F9   (2                  
  Sat 9:30 AM F9   (14                
Fri 9:30 PM F11   (3                  
[TN] PHUNCKY'S REJECTS                
      Sat 8:00 PM F11   (45            
Sat 8:00 AM F11   (4                  
[GA] MAJOR LEAGUE/D2E                
  Sat 9:30 AM F11   (15                
[KS] RFC/HUB'S PUB/SYNDICATE                
Fri 8:15 PM F10   (5                  
[TN] POUND THE MOUND                
    Sat 3:30 PM F11   (38              
Fri 7:00 PM F9   (6                  
  Fri 8:15 PM F9   (16                
  [TN] SHOPPE / TEAM TPS / D2E / ELITE              
        Sat 9:30 PM F9   (51          
  Fri 9:30 PM F12   (17                
[MO] DMC/RESMONDO SPORTS                
Fri 7:00 PM F12   (7                  
[AL] OI LIVINGSTON                
    Sat 3:30 PM F12   (39              
Sat 8:00 AM F10   (8             Sun 11:00 AM F9   (54      
[TN] BREN'S MEN                
  Sat 9:30 AM F10   (18                
[VA] TEAM 454 EMERALD/WORTH                
Fri 8:15 PM F12   (9                  
[TN] MIDSOUTH BOYS                
      Sat 8:00 PM F9   (46            
Sat 8:00 AM F12   (10                  
[TN] MUDCATS                
  Sat 9:30 AM F12   (19             Sun 12:30 PM F9   (55    
Fri 9:30 PM F10   (11                  
[TN] ALLIANCE SOFTBALL                
    Sat 3:30 PM F9   (40              
Fri 7:00 PM F10   (12                  
[TN] CA SPORTS                
  Fri 9:30 PM F9   (20                

[email protected] for more details.

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