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Michigan "Last Chance" Major Preview

Michigan "Last Chance"  Major

August 5-7, 2011

Sterling Hts, MI

Link to the Michigan Bracket

The final tournament of the 2011 Conference USSSA regular season is this Friday – Sunday in Sterling Hts, Michigan just outside of Detroit.  The tournament features a quality field of 32 teams including all 4 Major teams and 6 of the top 'A' teams in the country.  I am not picking any 1st round upsets in this tournament and I think from the 2nd round of the winner's bracket until the finish on Sunday this will be one of the best tournaments of the season.  The only thing that can ruin that is rain which has plagued the Conference this year and usually hits in Michigan annually for the "Last Chance" tournament.

The Liberty Park of America fields are all symmetrical 300 footers with low homerun fences and average infields. 

The traditional homerun contest on Friday night is usually a bracket style war of attrition with a lot of hitter's entered.

Friday, August 5th – Humid with partial sunshine 88° Lo 68°
Saturday, August 6th – Variable clouds, a t-storm 84° Lo 69°
Sunday, August 7th – Some sun, a t-storm possible 89° Lo 70°

Lets take a closer look at the bracket.

In the top quarter you have Doerflinger, a team desperate for points matched up against EWS in the second round.  That game may very well be needed for Doerflinger to qualify for the major worlds.  I'll take Doerflinger over EWS and Laser Vision over Doerflinger to make the final 4.   EWS is a team that needs to peak about now if they want to have a run at 'A' Worlds in two weeks and I look for them to make a long run in the loser's bracket.

In the second quarter we'll take the easy pick GTL to beat Pipe and R&M Metals.  Past GTL teams have been known to take this tournament a little easy.  It will be interesting to see how this team tries to finish the season. 

The third quarter of the bracket is loaded with top 'A' teams as Taylormade attempts to salvage a season marred by their slow start and try to pull off a miracle and qualify for the Major World.  Shoppe has the toughest first round game in the bracket against P&P but the Taylormade vs Shoppe game in the second round is the best game at 11 AM Saturday.  Taylormade is in a must win situation so I am rooting for and picking them to win and then beat Team 454 to make the final 4.  Look for Linedrive to rebound from their tough losses in Cincinnati as they play at their home park this weekend.  They definitely have a shot at 454 who may have lost some of their edge as they await the 'A' World.

In the fourth quarter of the bracket Resmondo takes the easy road through the first two rounds and beats Sinister to make the final 4.   Sinister will hit a walk off to beat Famous in the 2nd round.

My final picks:
1) I have no idea…Resmondo? (there are only two choices yet it is very hard to go with one over the other)  The question you have to ask is: Who will have that big inning on Saturday night late when the ball is flying that puts the other into the loser's bracket?  Most GTL and Resmondo games end in a run rule when one team or the other (lately Resmondo) gets the merry-go-round going.
2) GTL
3) Taylormade
4) Laser Vision
Tied for 5th) EWS
Tied for 5th) Shoppe

I will attempt to do some broadcasting as always.   Liberty Park is a tough place to do broadcasting because of its lack of elevation, a score tower, and readily available power.   I could bring the tree stand for Sundays games if anyone knows how to put one of those up on the backstop behind homeplate.

Remember to donate to the SoftballCenter broadcasting fund or come Worlds it may only be available to those that have made a donation.  Thats not a threat, just economics 🙂

And THANK YOU to those who have donated!   I will do as much as I can with what is received.

I will be sending out an email to my players and fans email list as well as potential sponsors soon!

32 Winners Bracket


Sat 8:00 AM F2   (1  
Sat 11:00 AM F1   (25  
Sat 8:00 AM F1   (2  
Sat 3:30 PM F6   (41  
Fri 7:45 PM F1   (3  
Sat 11:00 AM F2   (26  
Fri 7:45 PM F4   (4  
Sat 8:00 PM F3   (53  
Fri 6:30 PM F1   (5  
Sat 11:00 AM F3   (27  
Fri 6:30 PM F2   (6  
Sat 3:30 PM F3   (42  
Fri 6:30 PM F3   (7  
Sat 12:30 PM F3   (28  
Fri 7:45 PM F2   (8  
Sat 9:30 PM F2   (59  
Fri 6:30 PM F4   (9  
Sat 11:00 AM F4   (29  
Fri 7:45 PM F5   (10  
Sat 3:30 PM F4   (43  
Fri 7:45 PM F6   (11  
Sun 11:00 AM F2   (62  
Sat 11:00 AM F5   (30  
Sat 8:00 AM F3   (12  
Sat 8:00 PM F2   (54  
Fri 6:30 PM F5   (13  
Sat 11:00 AM F6   (31  
Sun 12:30 PM F2   (63  
Fri 6:30 PM F6   (14  
Sat 3:30 PM F2   (44  
Sat 8:00 AM F4   (15  
Sat 12:30 PM F2   (32  
Fri 7:45 PM F3   (16  






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