Thursday August 5th, 2021

Dudley Major Tournament Preview

Dudley Bracket Link

The 28th Annual Dudley/Budweiser/Easton Classic is this weekend in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota.  The tournament features all 4 Major teams for the first time since the Hall of Fame Classic in Florida back in April.  Last year there were only 2 Major teams but the vibe around the country is that this is a down year for the Dudley.  Teams I talked to said they didn't go because of the price of flights into Minneapolis.  I know I had to follow flight prices for 6 months to find a $371 flight so I can understand their reasoning.

This tournament may not have the big name Friday night matchups it once did but the second round and beyond looks as strong as ever.  Lets remember that softball no longer has a 'B' program at the State level so the best non-conference players are playing 'C' now.  So when you see a 'C' team in the bracket, it does not mean what it used to mean.

With Resmondo and GTL playing as well as they have been playing it is impossible for me to pick against either one.  I think the Dudley will be a rematch of the Chicago tournament where the two powers met in the winner's bracket championship and the championship.

Here are my picks anyways just for fun:

In the top quarter of the bracket:  GTL over P&P.  Texas Miken and R&M should be a great game, I guess I'll take R&M who is due for a good showing.  I wonder if Ray Ray is going to be with Texas Miken.  It would almost make me want to set up the broadcast, lol.  GTL over R&M to go to the final 4.

In the second quarter of the bracket: Winner's Way has some great Minnesota players and should give T's 13 all they can handle but much like R&M I think T's 13 is due for a decent tournament so I'll go with T's 13 by a run.  I think Combat/Pharmapar has an interesting addition coming to their roster and I'll take them to beat T's 13.  I'll take Team Combat/Laser Vision to beat Xtreme/Combat who looks pretty good and then to beat Pharmapar in the battle of the Combat Major teams.

In the 3rd quarter of the bracket:  I'll take BBS to beat Suncoast, just so I have an early upset pick.  Suncoast needs a good weekend so I'll be rooting for them.  How is that for waffling.  I'll take EWS to beat C&A and EWS to beat BBS.

In the 4th quarter of the bracket:  Resmondo over DMC who will break through and beat RFC?  Who knows.

So my final 6 picks are:
1) GTL
2) Resmondo is a little beat up right now
3) Team Combat/Laser Vision
4) Suncoast
Tied 5th) Combat/Pharmapar
Tied 5th) EWS

I still can't find a reasonable ticket to Seattle so this may be my last tournament until the Smoky.

An update on broadcasting.  I won't be travelling next week so I will have time to sit down and write up a proposal to prospective sponsors, USSSA, and potential individual donators with regards to broadcasting and see what I can come up with for the future.

At this point broadcasting on my own would take a minimum of $800 per weekend.  $350 for the streaming service.  $80 for the verizon 4g service where available.  $50 to check a bag both ways on a flight.  Which leaves $320 as my broadcasting fee and covering equipment purchases.  Because quite frankly broadcasting is a lot of work and aggravation and I'd much rather just watch and report.  But I would do it to make a business out of it.

Weather for Minneapolis
Friday, June 17 – Rather cloudy and comfortable 78° Lo 66°
Saturday, June 18 – Clouds and sun with a t-storm 84° Lo 64°
Sunday, June 19 – A thunderstorm possible 82° Lo 66°

30 Winners Bracket

  [WA] GTL CARTEL/DEMARINI              
  Fri 7:30 PM CN   (15                
[MI] P&P 333/SUBURBAN/LARRY'S TIRE/                
Fri 5:00 PM ES   (1                  
[MN] ALL STAR SPORTS/EAI                
    Sat 11:00 AM CN   (37              
Fri 5:00 PM CS   (2                  
[IA] HOFFMAN TRENCHING                
  Sat 8:00 AM EN   (16                
Fri 7:30 PM CS   (3                  
[MN] SAFE MONEY SOLUTIONS                
      Sat 5:00 PM CN   (49            
[NE] T'S 13/EASTON                
Fri 5:00 PM EN   (4                  
[MN] WINNER'S WAY/EASTON                
  Sat 8:00 AM CN   (17                
Fri 6:15 PM EN   (5                  
    Sat 11:00 AM CS   (38              
[MN] XTREME/COMBAT                
Fri 5:00 PM CN   (6                  
[MN] AUTO RESCUE/ WICKED/ TC TRUCK                
  Sat 8:00 AM ES   (18                
Fri 6:15 PM CS   (7                  
[MN] THE WRECKING CREW                
        Sat 9:30 PM CN   (55          
Fri 6:15 PM ES   (8                  
  Sat 8:00 AM CS   (19                
[FL] SUNCOAST REEBOK                
Fri 7:30 PM EN   (9                  
    Sat 12:30 PM CS   (39              
Fri 8:45 PM CS   (10             Sun 10:00 AM CN   (58      
[MN] C&A/JERSEY'S                
  Sat 8:00 AM B2   (20                
Fri 10:00 PM CS   (11                  
[MN] SHOWBOMBS                
      Sat 6:30 PM CN   (50            
[MO] DMC/RESMONDO SPORTS                
Fri 10:00 PM CN   (12                  
[MN] DSTI / CAGEAR / NORDKAP                
  Sat 8:00 AM B1   (21             Sun 12:00 PM CN   (59    
[KS] RFC/HUB'S PUB/SYNDICATE                
Fri 7:30 PM ES   (13                  
    Sat 12:30 PM CN   (40              
Fri 6:15 PM CN   (14                  
[MN] JEB DRYWALL / SNEAKY PETE'S                
  Fri 8:45 PM CN   (22                


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