Thursday August 5th, 2021

12th Annual Cincinnati Major Tournament Preview

12th Annual Cincinnati Men's Major NIT

July 15-17

40 Teams

There was a number of player moves this week.   I am hearing/seeing Jeff Wallace and John Gallegos are with EWS now.   Jimmy Salas is with Resmondo.   Shoppe let go Shane Hatfield (maybe he could latch on with Blitz?).   Also hearing Shoppe may have let go Kyle Cowart and picked up Rick Sedlacek out of retirement.

'C' teams in Major tournaments on Friday nights have been like land mines to the Conference regulars and Cincinnati is LOADED with them!   Of course it is very hard to pick those upsets.

In the top quarter of the huge 40 team field lets go with Team Combat/Laser Vision over EAP and Linedrive over Sinister.  Elk and Seminoles I think are more than capable of an upset here and Linedrive might have a bullseye on their back this weekend.   Lets pick Laser Vision to beat Linedrive to make it to the final 4 unscathed.   This top quarter of the bracket is a nice tournament in and of itself.

In the second quarter lets take Blitz over Darkside.   GTL over Pipe and GTL over Blitz to go to final 4.

In the third quarter of the bracket Primetime will have their hands full with Tyler Trucking.   I'll take Tyler.   Lets go with EWS over Tyler and Pure Romance over Taylormade.  Hustlers has been giving Conference teams fits all year but lets go with Shoppe over Hustlers, Shoppe over Pure Romance and EWS over Shoppe to make the final 4.   Again this part of the bracket is a great tournament by itself.

In the bottom of the bracket lets go with Resmondo over Reds and Midwest Swing over R&M and of course Resmondo over Midwest Swing.

My final finishing picks:
1) GTL
2) Resmondo
3) EWS
4) Blitz
Tied for 5th) Laser Vision
Tied for 5th) Taylormade

This is a very high quality field of teams for such a large tournament.  There should be a great game going on at all times, so come on out to the Mid America Ballyard!

I'll be down in Cincy on Saturday morning through the end of the tournament.   I will probably do some broadcasting around 9 PM for the winner's bracket semi-finals on Saturday night and keep it going through the end of the tournament on Sunday.   If anyone wants to come up to the balcony at field #1 and try their hand at announcing with me or moving the video camera that would be great.

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