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2010 USSSA 'A' World Tournament Preview


USSSA 'A' World



The Stadium Field normally uses a temporary homerun fence set at 305-320 feet

Fields 12 and 13 will be used at the 'A' Worlds and are 305 foot softball fields

The Stadium Field is in the lower right of this map.  Fields 12 and 13 are in the upper left

Link to the entire Disney "ESPN Wide World of Sports"

Link to the 'A' World Bracket

Link to the 'A' World Team Information List

Projected weather for the weekend.   Bring your Gatorade!


Note on my preview and predictions:  This is all in fun.   Just hoping to get some hits on the website and maybe give some people something to read at work while waiting for the weekend to get here already!   Congratulations to all teams participating.   Old Scout basher's not withstanding, this is actually a great field of teams.   I just wish I could see all the games, but with two fields in the back away from the stadium that isn't going to happen.   Obviously there will be some major upsets and the tournament is nearly impossible to predict.   I really don't know a whole lot about the Florida 'C' teams but we all know what happened with Shoppe last year.


Round #1

Game #1:  Wiley's Supreme FL-C vs Russell Paint FL-C.   In a battle of Florida 'C' bagger's I'll take Wiley's in the Stadium.   The game is basically a toss up.   Amazing how these teams say they play 'C' because there is no 'B' program in the State yet these two haven't met in USSSA all year?   I don't see either of these teams getting past Sinister.

Game #2:  Team Combat WA-A vs Bestway GA-C.   Laser Vision has lost 2 games this year to 'C' teams however both were at the start of the season.   12-0 since.   That isn't going to change now.   Bestway may go down swinging though.

Game #3:  ATS AZ-C vs Marty's Boys FL-C.   ATS has enough veteran players left to squeak this one out.

Game #4:  Suncoast FL-A vs East Coast FL-C.   Suncoast is just 8-3 vs 'C' teams this year but are more than capable of making a run like they did in 2007 when they upset a hot Ropeclub team at the 'A' Worlds.   Suncoast in a run rule here.

Game #5:  Wisconsin Worth WI-C vs Dave's Place FL-C.   Looks like Dave's Place might have Brad Stillwell on the roster?   That should be enough to win this game against a Wisconsin Worth team that is 0-11 vs 'C' and higher teams this year.

Game #6:  Lawn Rangers FL-C vs Team Combat/SS Wood FL-C.   I'll take Lawn Rangers over the mini Team Combat.  Neither team will last 7 innings against GTL in the second round.

  Round #2 

Game #7:  Aubrey's VA-A vs AJS FL-B.   These two are 1-1 against each other this year.  Aubrey's made a late surge by winning the North Carolina Major and finished 13th in the nation.   AJS is ranked #16.   Aubrey's Brian Justice will need the table setter's to fill the bases.   AJS will have to bat around the order at least once.   I'm taking Aubrey's 22-18 although I've witnessed this team wilt in the sun before.

Player to watch:  Aubrey's 3B Brian Justice

Game #8:  Jean Shoppe TN-A vs Wood Law TX-A.   An 8 AM battle Saturday morning that will make or break one team or the other.   Shoppe  finished 12th in the rankings and Wood Law finished 11th.   Wood Law should battle and this game is just about a toss up.   I'm going with Jean Shoppe although I have a lot of respect for a Wood Law team (best ever) that is getting a bad break having to play Shoppe in their first game.   No Joerling, Gordon, or Garris in the lineup this year for Shoppe has hurt them.

Tim Cocco will have to power the Shoppe if they are to make a 5th consecutive 'A' World finals

Game #9:  Sinister MI-A vs Wiley's FL-C.   Sinister owes me some quality softball after last Sunday morning.   Look for their top 4 in the lineup (McGavin, Sedlacek, Filby, and Joerling) to outscore Wiley's by themselves.   Oh, and Wiley's had better hit their homer's more than 306 or the kid Dillon in CF will be robbing them blind.

Player to watch:  Sinister CF Brandon Dillon

Game #10:  Logo Express GA-B vs Team Combat/Laser Vision WA-A.   Logo comes in as the surprise 4th ranked team in the country and an impressive 8-7 record vs 'A' teams.   Combat comes in ranked #14 and has just a 4-6 record vs 'A' teams.   I think veterans like McCraw, Bisbee, and Bumgardner will step up and win this game.   Rumor is they went out and picked up Billy Messina to pitch.   Should be a fun one as Logo has proved everyone wrong all year long and are led by big 1st baseman Brian Autry.

 Combat's Johnny Mac and Vince Bisbee look to provide some big 'O'

Game #11:  Albicocco NY-A vs ATS AZ-B.   Albicocco should make short work of ATS although Albicocco doesn't have a lot of run rule wins.

Game #12:  NW Combat WA-A vs Suncoast FL-A.   NW Combat the 5th ranked team in the nation is 6-5 vs 'A' teams and should knock off Suncoast ranked #22 and just 2-5 vs 'A' teams.


Game #13:  EWS IL-B vs Daves Place FL-C.   EWS the 10th ranked team in the country gets some practice on the show field.

Game #14:  GTL WA-A vs Lawn Rangers FL-C.   Look for #3 ranked GTL with their 15-0 record aganst 'C' teams, to make short work of Lawn Rangers.  



Rest of the Tournament

The fact is that the winner of this tournament has to put a streak of wins against the top teams in the country.  They will have to win a game or a couple of games in blistering heat, they will have to win a one run game, they will have to win a wind or rain affected game, and they will have to come from behind at least once.   The team that wins will be a deserving 2010 'A' World Champion!

I am looking for GTL to win the tournament.   Young hitters that will still be hitting on Sunday after a draining weekend of heat.   They have two good pitchers.   They also have the best defense, chemistry, and a core of player's with 'A' World championship experience.

2nd place I think will again be Jean Shoppe.   Florida experience should help them.   I am a little worried about their power in the midday heat.   I believe they may get back to GTL after losing to them in the 2nd round but will have nothing left in the championship.

3rd place will go to Albicocco.   These guys know how to win together now.   They have big play defensive potential with TMack and "The Kid" Lloyd.   Defense wins games in the heat.   This is another team that may struggle with homer's when needed though.   The inmates have done a helluva job running the asylum.

4th place Sinister.   They too have the experience and possibly an easier spot in the bracket?

My Bracket


  Sat 8:00 AM F-13   (7   AUBREYS            
    Sat 2:00 PM Std.   (25   SINISTER          
[FL] WILEYS/SUPREME Fri 9:30 PM F-12   (9   SINISTER            
Fri 7:00 PM Std.   (1                  
[FL] RUSSELLS PAINT & BODY     Sat 6:30 PM Std.   (33   ALBICOCCO        
  [GA] LOGO EXPRESS              
[WA] TEAM COMBAT / LASER VISION Sat 8:00 AM Std.   (10   TEAM COMBAT            
Fri 7:00 PM F-12   (2   TEAM COMBAT              
[GA] BESTWAY SOFTBALL   Sat 2:00 PM F-13   (26   ALBICOCCO          
[AZ] ATS/LG/TYJA SPORTS/EASTON Fri 9:30 PM F-13   (11   ALBICOCCO            
Fri 7:00 PM F-13   (3   ATS              
[FL] MARTYS BOYS       Sat 9:30 PM Std.   (39     GTL    
[FL] SUNCOAST / REEBOK Sat 9:30 AM F-12   (12   NW COMBAT            
Fri 8:15 PM F-12   (4   SUNCOAST              
[FL] EAST COAST SOFTBALL   Sat 2:00 PM F-12   (27   NW COMBAT          
  [IL] EWS/SHIRTS AND LOGOS              
[WI] WISCONSIN WORTH Sat 9:30 AM Std.   (13   EWS            
Fri 8:15 PM F-13   (5   DAVES PLACE              
[FL] DAVES PLACE     Sat 8:00 PM Std.   (34   GTL        
  [WA] GTL CARTEL/WORTH              
[FL] LAWN RANGERS Fri 9:30 PM Std.   (14   GTL            
Fri 8:15 PM Std.   (6   LAWN RANGERS              
[FL] TEAM COMBAT/SS WOOD   Sat 12:30 PM Std.   (28   GTL       Sun 11:00 AM Std.   (42   GTL
  Sat 8:00 AM F-12   (8   JEAN SHOPPE            
  [TXN] WOOD LAW/MIKEN              
  Loser's Bracket            
    JEAN SHOPPE            
EAST COAST                
Sat 11:00 AM F-12   (15   AJS Sat 5:00 PM Std.   (32   JEAN SHOPPE Sat 9:30 PM F-12   (37   JEAN SHOPPE Sun 9:30 AM Std.   (41   JEAN SHOPPE Sun 12:30 PM Std.   (43  
  Sat 3:30 PM Std.   (21   AJS            
WISCONSIN WORTH                
Sat 9:30 AM F-13   (16   WILEYS   Sat 8:00 PM F-12   (35   JEAN SHOPPE        
COMBAT SS WOOD                
Sat 11:00 AM Std.   (17   LOGO Sat 6:30 PM F-12   (31   EWS   Sun 8:00 AM Std.   (40   JEAN SHOPPE    
  Sat 5:00 PM F-12   (22   LOGO            
  ATS     NW COMBAT       L-42
    TEAM COMBAT            
  DAVES Sat 5:00 PM F-13   (30   TEAM COMBAT Sat 9:30 PM F-13   (38   AUBREYS      
  Sat 3:30 PM F-13   (23   SUNCOAST            
Sat 12:30 PM F-13   (18   SUNCOAST   Sat 8:00 PM F-13   (36   AUBREYS        
Sat 11:00 AM F-13   (19   BESTWAY Sat 6:30 PM F-13   (29   AUBREYS          
LAWN RANGERS                
  Sat 3:30 PM F-12   (24   WOOD LAW            
Sat 12:30 PM F-12   (20   WOOD LAW              
WOOD LAW                



 Good luck to all and remember, I hope my bracket is garbage and I will be rooting for the underdog in every game!


This is John Robinson – Outfielder / 3rd Baseman formerly with the now folded Tri-State team.   Someone at the 'A' or 'B' level needs to give this guy a shot, you won't be disapointed.   Email me at and I'll give you his contact information.

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