Saturday July 24th, 2021

2010 NSA 35+ World Series


2010 35+ NSA World Series 

Indianapolis, Indiana

There were only 7 teams in the tourney (Upper Div) this year.
Team Kohn/Pepco/Nager/SPC Sports were the winners, going 6-1.
Second place went to John Snyder Softball, with players from the state of Indiana.
Third place went to Street Kids Softball who had a solid team with some veteran players like Roger Bias, Timmy Mattox, Marc Streeter and Kyle Yerkes.
Fourth place went to Reds/TPS/Astros.   Reds had a very good squad and earlier this year had won the NSA Open World Series. Players like Brad Jones, John Steele, Rodney Falls and Tony Henry filled their roster.
Tourney MVP was Kris O'Hara who hit .829 and played solid defense.
The All World Team Kohn were John Dutch(.844), Paul Stanley(.774), Ryan Robbins(.750) and Brad Stillwell(.740). Chad Munger pitched Team Kohn to the crown and played stellar defense up the middle.

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