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2010 Major Softball “Year in Review”


2010 Year in Review!

Tournament #1 & #2

HOF Classic Double Tournament Weekend


Team Dan Smith after winning the first tournament!

Team Dan Smith after winning the first Hall of Fame Tournament over Sinister 18-11!


Resmondo after defeating a surprise Logo Express in the 2nd HOF tournament 21-3!

Link to the HOF Tournament Report

 Tournament #3

Maryland Major – Jean Shoppe wins rained shortened weekend

Tournament #4

"Cactus Classic" – Phoenix, Arizona



Northwest Combat knocked off GTL for the tournament Championship 27-21!

 Link to the Cactus Classic Tournament Report

 Tournament #5

"Mike Turney" Memorial in Kansas City

Resmondo defeats Dan Smith 44-34

Link to the "Mike Turney" Memorial Tournament Report  

 Tournament #6

"Texas Legends" – Dallas, Texas



Dan Smith knocks off Resmondo 39-38

Link to the Texas Legends Tournament Report  

 Tournament #7

 Columbus, Indiana Major



Pipac defeats EWS 26-11

Link to the Indiana Tournament Report  

 Tournament #8

"Music City" Classic, Gellatin, TN

Resmondo defeats EWS 30-10

Link to the Music City Tournament Report  

 Tournament #9

Peach State Classic – Atlanta, GA


Logo Express double dips Sinister for the championship!  

 Tournament #10

22nd Annual Mike Davis Memorial – Concord, California

Dan Smith double dips GTL

 Tournament #11

4th Annual Space City Classic – Houston, Texas

Albicocco double dips Wood Law in Houston

Link to the Houston Tournament Report  

 Tournament #12

 Windy City Classic – Joliet, Illinois

Resmondo beat GTL 37-19 in the Chicago Final

Link to the Chicago Tournament Report  

 Tournament #13

28th Annual Dudley – Minnesota

Resmondo beats Dan Smith 35-25

Link to the Tournament Report  

 Tournament #14

 Worth/Tyja Northeast Shootout

Resmondo defeats Team Combat 30-10  

 Tournament #15

 31st Busch Pepsi Classic – Sherwood, Arkansas

FBI defeats Hubs Pub 32-14  

 Tournament #16

 Seattle Major – Double Tournament Weekend

Dan Smith wins both tournaments!  

 Tournament #17

 42nd Annual Smoky Mountain Classic – Maryville, TN

Resmondo defeats Dan Smith 44-33

Link to the Smoky Mountain Tournament Report  

 Tournament #18

 11th Annual Cincinnati Major

GTL knocks off Albicocco 12-7

Link to the Cincinnati Tournament Report  

 Tournament #19

26th Annual Rocky Mountain Shootout


GTL defeats Resmondo 41-39  

 Tournament #20

4th Annual Carolina Shootout

Aubrey's defeats Suncoast 32-2  

 Tournament #21

 Worth "Last Chance" – Detroit, Michigan

Dan Smith defeats Resmondo 29-28

Link to the Detroit Tournament Report  

 Tournament #22

 USSSA 'A' World

GTL holds off Team Combat 13-12

Link to the 'A' World Tournament Report  

 Tournament #23

Conference Championships

Major – Dan Smith defeats Resmondo in the best of 5

'A' – EWS holds off AJS

'B' – Darkside wins the 'B' over Elite/Combat

Link to the Conference Championships Tournament Report  

 Tournament #24

USSSA 'B' World

AJS defeats Famous 25-11

USSSA 'B' World Tournament Report


Tournament #25

USSSA Major World Series

Resmondo dominates World Series

Major World Series Tournament Link

 Tournament #26

ASA 'A' World Tournament

Dan Smith defeats Long Haul for ASA 'A' World

ASA 'A' World Tournament Link


2010 Final Team Rankings


Based on 22 Conf tourny's, Major Worlds, 'A' Worlds, 'B' Worlds, Conf Championships, and a minimum of 12 games vs upper level opponents
Rnk Cls Team Name
1 M resmondosport/specialty/phonemaster
2 M Dan Smith/Menosse
5 B fence brokers/gametime supply/worth
6 A team combat / laser vision
7 B Pipac/TCP/Easton
8 B ajs/easton/supreme/mike foulks/mojo
9 A Wood Law/Miken
10 A aubrey's/taylormade/mizuno
12 A sinister/line drive/sss/worth/mojo
13 A northwest combat/ cj financial
14 A jean shoppe-easton-down2earthsports
15 A albicocco's/the scene/worth
16 B Darkside/TYJA
17 B Hub's Pub
18 B KTI/Cartel DeMarini
19 C down 2 earth sports/ worth
20 B elite sports u.s.a./combat
21 B Desert Falls/Elite/Miken
22 A Suncoast / Reebok
23 B
24 B blitz/watanabe/weller/minges/easton
25 B fowl ball sports/gas-it/easton
26 B MidWest Swing
27 B Art Explosion/drash


2010 USSSA All Conference Teams and Awards

2010 Conference MVP – Greg Connell – Resmondo (.799, 95 HR, 302RBI)
2010 Conference Co-MVP – Andy Purcell – Resmondo (.797, 69 HR, 216 RBI)
2010 Outstanding Offensive Player – Brett Helmer – Dan Smith (.776, 64 HR, 149 RBI)
2010 Outstanding Defensive Player – Matt Pesso – GTL
2010 Batting Champion – Adam Rockoff – AJS (.801)
2010 HR Champion – Greg Connell – Resmondo (95)

2010 All Conference Major Team
Andy Purcell – Resmondo
Geno Buck – Dan Smith
Brett Helmer – Dan Smith
Ryan Thiede – Dan Smith
Greg Connell – Resmondo
JD Genter – Dan Smith
Sam Lopez – GTL
Casey Rogowski – Sinister
Don Dedonatis III – Resmondo
Anthony Dress – GTL
Bryson Baker – Resmondo
Victor Cordova – GTL
BJ Fulk – Resmondo
Rick Baker – Dan Smith
Howie Krause – Resmondo
Rusty Bumgardner – Team Combat
Dennis Rulli – Resmondo
Donovan Pokraka – GTL
Adam Rockoff – AJS
Brian Rainwater – Resmondo
Brian Wegman – Dan Smith
Matt King – Jean Shoppe
Mike Bowlin – GTL
Jeff Wallace – Resmondo
Kevin Filby – Sinister
Dal Beggs – Dan Smith
John Rector – Resmondo manager of the year

2010 All Conference ‘A’ Team
Stacy Bolton – Aubrey’s
Chad Munger – GTL
Tim Cocco – Jean Shoppe
Eric Thompson – Jean Shoppe
Seth Stephens – Team Combat
Dennis Shrum – Wood Law
Scott Zaciewski – AJS
Jimmy Salas – GTL
Jeff McGavin – Sinister
Matt Pesso – GTL
Chris Larsen – Wood Law
John Glidewell – FBI
Brian Justice – Aubreys
Chad McLamb – Aubreys
Johnny McCraw – Team Combat
Zach Keene – FBI
Brian Floyd – Aubreys
Sal Formosa – NW Combat
Jeff Gare – NW Combat
Brad Reckart – Jean Shoppe
Rick Sedlacek – Sinister
Jose Sanchez – GTL manager of the year

2010 All Conference ‘B’ Team
Michael Stephany – Hubs Pub
Kenny Leach – Hubs Pub
Jarett Enright – Hubs Pub
Calvin Ford – Elite Sports
Julio Salazar – Elite Sports
Luis Sanchez – Elite Sports
Tim Pemberton – Desert Falls
Dan Sanchez – Desert Falls
Eliseo Aguilar – Desert Falls
Jason Roesch – Blitz
Jimmy Carter – Blitz
Jason Scott – Blitz
John Encarnacion – Darkside
Frank “Moose” White – Darkside
Charles Bumgartner – Darkside
Todd Ankney – EWS manager of the year 


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