Thursday July 29th, 2021

2010 HOF Classic Tournament Preview!


The 2010 Conference season opens Thursday, April 15th with an 18 team double elimination tournament which will end with the championship game being played on Friday night.  USSSA broadcast coverage of the tournament begins around 3 PM Friday and runs through the final championship game.

I am going to give a preview of the tournament based on the information, brackets, and rosters that I have.  This is all in fun and just my opinion for what thats worth.  I hope to see plenty of great games and upsets.

Tournament #1 Preview/Predictions:

Gm 1: EWS over Art Explosion on diamond #1.  I don't think either team is prepared to play on diamond #1 where the wind normally blows in from LF and in my opinion is the toughest field in America to hit a HR on.  EWS has added some nice pieces to their team in the offseason and from what I know about Art Explosion I think they are about where EWS was a year ago.  Should be a good game with a low score.

Gm 2: I know absolutely nothing about Rogue.  What I do know is that their have been a couple of Florida 'D' teams in the past that have come to the HOF and pulled some big upsets.  That being said, Detroits Own/Bombers is going to have to bring their top game from the first round.  The infielders play deeper on these baseball fields, the throws are longer, double plays are an important part of the game.  I'm going with DO in this game but you'll pretty much be able to tell by the energy in the first inning as to whom is going to come out on top.

Gm 3: Look for Sinister (old Bud Light team) to handle the Fowl Ball/Gas It team.  Fowl Ball will be new to the big Osceola diamond #2 baseball field and Sinister should use their experience to keep Fowl Ball in check. 

Gm 4: AJS vs Albicocco should be one of the best first round games.  AJS knows how to win on the baseball fields and Albicocco is a new team which reminds me some of the 24/7 team from 2009.  Sills, TMack, and Boone (if these guys are all present) all need to take charge of this team from the start.  I have this game even but will pick AJS for what should be good early season chemistry.  Look for Albicocco to regroup in the second tourny.

Gm 5: Aubreys/Taylormade vs FBI over on Fortune Road field #3.  Aubreys has a history of putting up big numbers over at Fortune which are large fields for softball but small in comparison to the baseball fields at Osceola.   I look for Aubreys to handle FBI in what could be a high scoring affair depending on wind conditions.  FBI should be able to finish .500 with some wins in the loser's bracket.

Gm 6: Suncoast vs Elite over on Osceola #2.  I know the sun really affects some of these early evening and early morning games on the back fields at Osceola.  Elite is no stranger to the baseball fields and Suncoast has a new team fired up to show what they can do.  I'm going with Suncoast and some early separation.   Look for Elite to finish .500 for the weekend.

Gm 7: Wood Law should crush the Delaware Hitmen over at Fortune Road.  The hitmen could finish 0-4 for the weekend.

Gm 8: NW Combat vs Logo is another tossup.   Game is being played at Fortune Road where both teams have had some success.  If Brandon Murray from Logo is there and on his game I'm going with the upset.

Gm 9: Resmondo vs EWS / Art Explosion winner.  Resmondo makes an early night of it on the show field.  EWS or Art Explosion need to use this game as a learning experience.  Make the goal of the game to play 7 innings and try to score in at least 5 of them.

Gm 10: Dan Smith vs DO / Rogue winner.  Dan Smith makes an early night of it. 

In the Elite 8 I see Sinister over AJS in a low scoring game on diamond #1.  Resmondo holding off Aubreys.  In the lower bracket Wood Law over Logo and Dan Smith over Suncoast.

In the Final 4 I see Resmondo over Sinister big and Dan Smith over Wood Law big.

I am picking Resmondo over Dan Smith in the first tournament and Dan Smith over whoever beats Resmondo in the second tournament.

The second tournament will depend on which teams played a lot of games in the loser's bracket of the first tournament.  Any team which plays more than 2 or 3 games is going to have to wake up Saturday morning and remind their bodies why they love this game or they will be 2 and Q real quick in the 2nd tourny.  Look for Aubreys and possibly Elite to have strong tourny #2's.

On a final note I would like to mention that the majority of games played on the baseball fields are decided by defensive miscues.  The length of the throws to first and the double plays as well as "bleeders" that fall in front of outfielders make a huge difference.  The teams that adjust to the playing field conditions the best, bring energy every inning, and let the HR's happen without forcing them, will be the teams that prevail.  Good luck to all.


2010 HOF Tournament #1                  
  Thu 5:00 PM #2   (3                  
    Thu 9:30 PM #1   (17                
  Thu 6:30 PM #1   (4                  
      Fri 11:00 AM Stad   (25              
EWS/SHIRTS AND LOGOS Thu 6:30 PM Stad   (9                  
Thu 5:00 PM #1   (1                    
ART EXPLOSION/DRASH   Thu 9:30 PM Stad   (18                 
  Thu 5:00 PM For 3   (5                  
        Fri 3:00 PM Stad   (31            
  SUNCOAST / REEBOK                
  Thu 6:30 PM #2   (6                  
  ELITE SPORTS U.S.A./COMBAT                
DETROIT'S OWN/BOMBERS/MIZUNO   Thu 8:00 PM Stad   (19                
Thu 3:30 PM Stad   (2                    
ROGUE Thu 5:00 PM Stad   (10                  
  DAN SMITH/MENOSSE/CHANEY                
      Fri 9:30 AM Stad   (26               
  WOOD LAW/MIKEN                
  Thu 5:00 PM For 2   (7                  
  DELAWARE HITMEN/SPORT55/MIKEN           Fri 8:00 PM Stad   (34      
    Thu 9:30 PM #2   (20                 
  Thu 6:30 PM For 2   (8                  
  LOGO EXPRESS                
  Loser's Bracket       L-31      
  L-4     L-25          
L-2 Thu 9:30 PM For 3   (15                  
Thu 8:00 PM For 3   (11      Fri 8:30 AM For 1   (24     Fri 1:00 PM Stad   (29     Fri 6:00 PM Stad   (33      Fri 9:30 PM Stad   (35    
L-3   L-20              
  L-5   Fri 10:00 AM For 1   (27               
  Thu 8:00 PM #1   (13                  
  L-9 Fri 8:30 AM For 2   (23        Fri 4:30 PM Stad   (32           
  L-6     L-26          
  Thu 8:00 PM #2   (14                  
  L-10 Fri 8:30 AM For 3   (22     Fri 1:00 PM #1   (30             
  L-8   Fri 10:00 AM For 2   (28               
L-1 Thu 9:30 PM For 2   (16               L-34  
Thu 8:00 PM For 2   (12      Fri 8:30 AM For 4   (21                 
L-7   L-17              




2010 HOF Tournament #2                  
  DAN SMITH/MENOSSE/CHANEY                
  Sat 9:30 AM Stad   (3                  
    Sat 1:00 PM Stad   (17                
  Sat 8:00 AM For 4   (4                  
  EWS/SHIRTS AND LOGOS                
      Sat 4:00 PM Stad   (25              
FENCE BROKERS/GAMETIME SUPPLY/WORTH Sat 9:30 AM For 1   (9                  
Sat 8:00 AM For 1   (1                    
ART EXPLOSION/DRASH   Sat 1:00 PM #1   (18                 
  Sat 8:00 AM Stad   (5                  
        Sat 8:00 PM Stad   (31            
  SUNCOAST / REEBOK                
  Sat 9:30 AM #1   (6                  
  LOGO EXPRESS                
ELITE SPORTS U.S.A./COMBAT   Sat 1:00 PM #2   (19                
Sat 8:00 AM For 2   (2                    
FOWL BALL SPORTS/GAS-IT/EASTON Sat 9:30 AM For 2   (10                  
      Sat 6:00 PM Stad   (26               
  WOOD LAW/MIKEN                
  Sat 8:00 AM For 3   (7                  
  ALBICOCCO/CREATIVE STUCCO/WORTH           Sun 11:30 AM Stad   (34      
    Sat 2:30 PM Stad   (20                 
  Sat 11:00 AM Stad   (8                  
  Loser's Bracket       L-31      
  L-4     L-25          
L-2 Sat 2:30 PM For 2   (15                  
Sat 11:00 AM For 1   (11      Sat 4:00 PM For 2   (24     Sat 8:00 PM #2   (29     Sun 9:30 AM Stad   (33      Sun 1:00 PM Stad   (35    
L-3   L-20              
  L-5   Sat 6:00 PM #2   (27               
  Sat 2:30 PM For 1   (13                  
  L-9 Sat 4:00 PM For 1   (23        Sun 8:00 AM Stad   (32           
  L-6     L-26          
  Sat 2:30 PM #1   (14                  
  L-10 Sat 4:00 PM #1   (22     Sat 8:00 PM #1   (30             
  L-8   Sat 6:00 PM #1   (28               
L-1 Sat 2:30 PM #2   (16               L-34  
Sat 11:00 AM For 2   (12      Sat 4:00 PM #2   (21                 
L-7   L-17              


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