Sunday September 25th, 2022

2009 Shuckers/Worth Part 2

Other Teams:

Bestrans MI makes a nice play. They finished tied for 9th and are a C+ team with some heart

The middle was "open" for Team Hertrick

Jean Shoppe reliever Shane Spicer tries the hidden ball trick

Taylormade's Kevin Rye eats some dirt. Nice hustle though.

This recap was made possible by Turano pitcher Mike Kalinowski. Someone should give him another shot at pitching for a Conference team after he pitched Angle Inn to their 2nd place "B" World finish in 2008

The one and only Delaware Hitmen from the USSSALive message boards

Team Hertrick takes on one of the Angle Inn teams

Hey Janack, let me handle the photography!

Adam Warfield was playing with Shuckers, yet another C+ team

JYD played a great tournament

This guy for Team Moose had no problem hitting the gaps

A special thanks to Mike Kalinowski for his help in getting me to the Maryland tournament.

I would also like to remind all sponsors to check out to save money on your companies cell phone bills. Call them, you won't be disapointed.


Former Taylormade pitcher Mark Urbain is looking to get back into upper level softball. Mark is a member of my top prospect list.

Pace slugger Jeff Smith is looking for a team. Jeff is still getting it done as he showed at the Smoky Mountain Classic last summer.

Also former Canes outfielder Jermaine Flythe is looking to play for an upper level team. Jermaine is a 5 tool player.


Here is a link to the tournament standings:…amentID=529003

Here is a link to the Maryland pictures:

Here is a link to the St Louis tournament bracket when ready:…amentID=529006

Here is a link to the Conference USSSA point standings:…=4&SeasonID=13

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