Friday July 23rd, 2021

2009 Music City Classic Recap Part 2

News, notes and pics of other teams in the tournament

Some other teams that I thought were competing well were Gutterwork's with Billy Byrd and I think I saw Jason Hatley? playing with them as well. Gutterwork's is probably better off playing "B" to be honest. Outkasts was a fun team to watch. Ballaholics and Straceners left it all on the field. Major League and Frozen Ropes should also be top teams when it comes to the "C" Worlds.

Gutterwork's Billy Byrd pounds a homer

Down 2 with 2 out in the 7th, GTL's Victor Cordova hits a 2 strike pitch for a clutch 3 run homer. (Note Jose's socks for later in the recap)

Mike from Straceners hits a walk off bomb to beat GTL in the first round

Troy from Major League hits a walkoff single to upset Suncoast

The trophy collection at the Music City Classic

All American slugger Josh Wiggs was playing with Eagle Bonding out of Florida

We've all done this before, just admit it. Cheese fishes some game balls out of the mud for his practice bucket

Sounds like they could have used a few of these guys in Concord

Rochester Athletic Club gave Jean Shoppe an early gut/cup check

Legendary slugger Steve Craven was hitting some "Frozen Ropes"

Bud Light pitcher Rick Sills had the quote of the weekend when he told GTL manager Jose Sanchez to "push his socks down". Jose you got to admit, looking back, it was pretty funny.

Robo just missed stealing this Resmondo homer

Here is a link to the picture gallery for Music City:

Here is a link to the Music City tournament info and bracket:…amentID=520304

Here is a link to the tournament #9 in Concord, California won by Combat USA:…amentID=529030

Here is a link to the tournament #10 in Houston when available:…amentID=529028

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