Thursday August 5th, 2021

2009 Last Chance Major NIT Part 2

Tied 7th Place Linedrive/Triplesss/Pipe/Easton (Conf B, Shelby Township, MI )
Michigan Record 2-2
Overall Conference Record 19-14

Linedrive had close last inning losses to AJS and ATS and failed to score enough points to qualify for the Major World series. Looking at their overall record they have played better against "A" teams than "B" and it looks like they may be a year away from making a run at either of the World events. 6-6 in Conference games down the stretch isn't going to cut it. They did make the Conference Championships.

Linedrive's Dean Cruickshank after hitting one out

Linedrive's effort seemed to be there, the consistency hasn't

Linedrive pitcher Brian Ward with a unique pinky lock grip

Tied 7th Place Rochester Athletic/National Gold (Conf C, Providence, RI )
Michigan Record 2-2
Overall Conference Record 11-8

Rochester Athletic Club which apparently has reclassed to "C" won 3 games on the field including a nice win over Magic 26-12. I guess the reclass makes them a contender at "C" Worlds but I'm thinking more like 2-2.

RAC middle infielder Fausto Ramirez

RAC takes on Bud Light. I like the mask in the infield, it would have to give infielders more confidence.

News, notes and pics of other teams in the Last Chance tournament

A.J.S./Easton/3N2/Dssbats made a valiant attempt at securing a spot in the major with there big win over Linedrive and early lead over Resmondo. They did secure a spot in the "B" Conference Championship I believe.

Dan Smith-Menosse-Benfield-Combat suffered their worst lost of the season to PRI and decided to forfeit the rest of their games instead of waiting out the rain.

GTL lit up Detroits Own then dropped two by forfeit when they decided to catch flights home.

O&S/Povs needed to win 2 games to secure the 16th spot in the Major. They won 2 but that was all they did.

Scott Kirby pitches the "ball on a string" to Rusty Bumgardner. Eventually Rusty broke it.

Billy Barrett pitched for AJS

O&S lost the extra inning game against PRI and then couldn't get anything going against Mobil One

I like the paint scheme on the new TPS, reminds me of the 1990 CU31. You oldtimers know what I'm talking about!

Richie, get in the dugout! Seriously though, thanks for the sponsorship!

Two softball veterans that have done a lot for the upper level game, Doug Reed (GTL on the left) and Hank Bassett (TPS on the right)

Jean Shoppe's Eric Thompson breaks a bat

O&S middle infielder Tim Barger makes a nice play

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