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1973 Softball History!


1973 Softball History!

1973 ASA Open National Champion Howards Furniture

1973 ASA Open National All Tournament Team

1973 ASA Open National Home Run Champ with 21 HR – Bert Smith



Interesting title to the advertisement


1973 ASA Ohio State Champions Tremac Corporation






5 responses to “1973 Softball History!”

  1. Ct29 says:

    It amazes me, that 55,000 people came and watched softball in 1973. Amazes me even more that in today’s world where you can argue that the athletes are better, less people watch and play becasue of outside influences..

  2. Eric Larsen says:

    People these days want to smoke out and get drunk and degrade the sport, yes its an activity to play with your friends and meet new people, but it is still competitive and i would like for it to get back to the way it use to be. Its a fun and exciting time, stepping out there and competing against your friends and foes. Respect the game!!!!!!

  3. dizzle says:

    The real question is who’s the chick in the team pic!

  4. Yessir says:

    That is exactly what I wanted to know Dizzle!! LOL

  5. R. Everett says:

    Thanks for the memories! Cobbie Harrison was quite a player in the Louisville, KY area and nationally! He was a great player offensively and defensively!

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