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11/7/2018 Chat Room Results – Convention, Classification, Team List


This is a summary of the 11/7/2018 Chat Room discussion:

The USSSA Convention is November 12-15 in Temecula, California at the Pechanga Resort an hour or so from San Diego at the Pachenga Resort in Temecula, California.

The Auto Bumped teams from Worlds list will come out next week at the Convention.

The NCC bump list will come out at the Convention next week.

The Conference Information and Sign Up Package will come out next week.

The Conference Schedule next week.

World Tournament Dates and locations next week.

The World Tournament Packets should be out early December.


Classification Discussion:

 DW: In 2019 Rebel was reclassed down.  There were no teams in Conference bumped up.

 DW There will be a new rule for AA.  9 roster points max but for the season you can only have 11 points.  All roster moves and swaps have to be approved.
Meaning if you have 9 and drop a 1.25 and pick up a 1.25 you still have 9 points but for the year you have 10.25 so you only have 0.75 left to swap out for the rest of the year.

AA is 9, A is 3.5, B is 1.5

 Anonymous – team classification should be black and white.
 Anonymous – Can you clarify roster rules for A? Is it just points? Or points and drops? Can AA world winner play A? How many A world winners not on major/watch cna play? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
 DW – They decided not to make team classification black and white. In fact they moved into more grey area in my opinion.
          Here is what they told me I could say: Major list players count as 1.25 roster points.
          Major Watch List players count as 0.75 points.
          'AA' teams can have up to 9.0 roster points.
          'A' teams can have 3.5 roster points but will be classified TBD if they have too many non 'A' players.

 DW –  Points are not the determining factor of class.
 Anonymous: they should be
 Thomas Eric: DW what do you mean when saying A teams are building AA teams that aren't true AA teams ? You mean with points?
 DW: Not sure how to answer that. Nowhere does any conference classification description say that teams are classified only on points.
 Brandon Cashwell: I think the theory is just because you are under points doesn't mean you are A.
 DW: Correct.  For example 'C" teams are allowed zero points. Right now I could put together a team with zero points with 12 players that started on AA teams last year.  So my zero point team could win C, win B, win A, and compete in AA.  Which of course is not fair.  So next time someone says "we are under the points" that's just an excuse they use to justify sandbagging.  So far there have been about 45 'A' teams since the new points system was put into place and the average A team had 0.75 points eventhough they were allowed 6 points and in 2019 are allowed 3.5 points.  Points mean nothing in 'A' in my opinion.  You still have to be an 'A' team with mostly 'A' players.

 Anonymous: What is an A player? Is a person from a team that played in major world previous year A or not?  Does it matter if on same team or different?
 DW: An 'A' player in my opinion is a starter on an 'A' team, a player that won 'B' Worlds, or a player on a 'AA' roster deemed by the committee that is no longer that caliber.  This is just my opinion.  The definition of any class player depends on who you talk to.

 Anonymous: So, if you had three 'AA', in theory, could you add guys who have consistently been on A teams that finish top 16 in addition to that?  How would A world winners factor in? Are they A?
 DW: In my opinion if a player has played on multiple 'A' teams at the Major World Series I would also lean towards considering him a 'AA' player.  The problem isn't that one player and whether he is 'AA' or 'A' its more about where is that player playing?  If he goes to another 'A' team maxed out on 'AA' players and 4 or 5 of the 'A' players all made the Major most years on 'A' teams then that is going to be a stacked 'A' team.  Automatically classifying players on 'A' teams that finish in the top 16 as 'AA' players in my opinion has not worked out, as much as I am for it. So those players would have to be looked at on a case by case basis based on who else is on the team.
 DW: 'A' world winners that were starters at A world or had a lot of at bats would be AA players in my opinion.

 Sr: Dw, y do u say AA that r maxed on points will b upset??
 DW: Because all 'AA' teams when they max out on points are told they cannot swap out points/list players during the season and then they get upset when they can't swap out points or have to be approved to swap out points.  Eventhough they know that going in.

 Q: I saw this past year where B teams got bumped to A after sucess in watered down conference events.  Should there be rules stating requirements for bumps?
 DW: The teams in question (Empire and T&W) had higher than 'B' and in some cases higher than 'A' level players on their roster, followed by great success on the field.  I don't know why or who bumped them and I don't know why or who let them back down to 'B' midseason.  In my personal opinion those were 'A' caliber teams.

 Q: No clue if thats a real roster or not, but let's use that for an example: Can Mackey, Price, and Scott play on an A team this year?
 DW: Yes AA players can play A.
 Anonymous: How many?  Or as long as they are under points, it's fine?
 DW: In my opinion you are safe with 3 'AA' players on an 'A' team.  If you have more than 3 then you will probably be TBD (To be determined) to start the year.


Q: Will they discuss rules/discpline action for players and mangers when they threaten a umpire like what happen in the Smokys?
DW: I don't know that they will specifically talk about the discipline but it seemed like correct action was taken with the month long suspension. Agree/disagree?
The suspension was handed down by the board of directors, not the conference.
Q: Ok ty, I agree quick action by board but same player was harrasing an umpire on friday night in the rain in cincy so maybe next time that player is to stay away from next event or until suspension is over.  8 pm game field 2.
Anonymous Poster: I disagree I think the player should be at the tournament serve the punishment, not sit at home.

DW: Before we get to teams and maybe some roster talk, does anyone have a topic they would like to see brought up at the convention?
I think the safety bag will be discussed, the ball, maybe ball storage at worlds to keep an even ball temperature.

Q: What does someone who wipes out a batters box line like on that video get? hahahahah that video of those old drifts is too funny
DW: I did not see this question when it was posted in the chat.  I believe the umpire has discretion on this but I will ask Doc.

Q: Will the floating rubber be discussed.
DW – I would discuss the floating rubber if there are multiple sponsors that want it. Without support I would not bring it up.
     Update: I have not heard from any teams that want the floating rubber.

Toby Williams:  What about eventually making the dual the first tournament of the year?
DW: Many teams have expressed to me that they prefer to play before the HOF Dual.

DW: Filby, Castillo, Mackey etc won't be playing on the same 'A' team in my opinion.

Robbie Fow: Bradley Scott is with newbreed i think
Bradley Scott: Correct Fow

Robbie Fow:  I was going to play for Pure Sports. Not anymore. Playing OF with Sportsreach/Crunchtime.
DW: Pure now has Faron Miller I believe as the 2nd pitcher with Mooch

DW: So it looks like Sports Reach and Crunchtime merged.

DW: Vivid/Killbombers is probably returning for 2019

Q: who is vivid returning with?
DW: Vivid will have Texas players but we don't know the roster

Q: whats the west coast conference events look like tentatively? Vegas and Double Double in Washington only? No Colorado? No Cali north or south? No Arizona?
DW: Schedule will be out next week, I have not seen it but I know Myrtle Beach is on there.
Brandon Cashwell: myrtle is a great place to play hope all the teams show up
Bradley Scott: Turf with 325' fences are very nice
Toby Williams: If its the right weekend then it should be a good turnout

Q: who does sports reach have?/
A: Sportsreach merged with B world champ Crunchtime

Anonymous: I do know TW Final roster: Mitch Lendenski, Josh Kirsten, Cody Pack, Bob Noeth, Tony Payne, Steve Henderickson, Jordan Rosenbalm, Cody Angus, Bill Pinkam, John Radich, Jason Ferguson, Dustin Henkin

Q: Will TM55 name be dropped at all nest week in Temecula?
DW: TM55's name will not come up at all.

CINCO: Why are all the teams cutting down to 9 points? I thought all the highly competitive athletes are all about "have to beat the best to be the best" 🙂


11/7/2018 SoftballCenter 2019 Team RUMORS:

These are rumors meant for fans of the game.  Actual rosters are not set until the player either signs a USSSA player contract for 2019 locking them onto a roster or logs in and signs the online roster on

THESE ARE RUMORS with some sources behind them but are NOT OFFICIAL!
Teams can email with corrections or to add sponsors/players/etc.

2019 Major teams (4):
 Dan Smith
 Pure Sports

Resmondo/Smash It/Thunder/RDD/H Auto or something like that
Jeremy Yates
Steele Lewis
Buddy Wolf
Brian Wegman
Pat Ellwanger
Bubba Mack
Cory Briggs
Kevin Bazat
Greg Connell
Neil Haglund
Travis Clark
Kyle Pearson
LC Watson
Brad Reckart

Dan Smith
Ryan Stovall
Ben Dunn
Nic Santana
Andrew Collins
Dale Brungardt
Jo Jo Bennett
Jordan Spaulding
Steven Lloyd
Davis Bilardello
Mike Nino
Losson White
Jason Matusik
Argen Dodds

Bryson Baker
Brian Zirkle
Everett Williams
Jason Branch
Daniel Cayton
Luis Reyna
AJ Montano
Kyle Pearson (1.5)
Jason Martel
Andy Purcell
Ryan Harvey
Josh Riley
Tom Bloom
Jon Nelson

Smash It Sports/Pure Sports
Filip Washington
Ryan Parfitt
Brad Carlsen
John Williams
Zach Messer
Tommy Melton
Josh Brown
Justin Mucciarelli
Donnie Hammonds
Ryan Ramirez
Nick Mitschke
Brett McCollum
Faron Miller
Brandon Dillon
Jared Hunt

2019 AA Teams (8+):
 Bay Area/Rapid Fire/Bad Draw/Easton (CA) – Gonzalez, Fulk, Chente Granados, McClanahan, Edwards, Racobaldo, Stewart, Bynum, Johnson, Wilson, Mullins, D Lopez, Jacinto, Marshburn

 Premier/HDLNS/TG (OH) – Morrow, Norton, Staton, Cosgrove, Boothe, Kincaid, Hightchew, Franklin, Kaminski, Uckotter, Corn, Whaley, Disbennett, K Center

 Linedrive (MI) – Formosas?, Anderson?

 Newbreed (WA) – Hollingsworth, Gastineau, Sanchez, Ussery?, Cordova, Campbell, Payne, Filby, Lopez

 Nightmare (MO) – Barnes putting it together, Maggard, Brambilla, Matte, Fogle, Newell, Mike Brown, Mike Williams, Bowser, Terry

 Smash It Sports/3rd Street/Bulldawg (IL) – Rear, Vitcak, Umscheid, Keske, Flood, Kessler, Tabler, Magnum, Houseman, Bean, Barnes, Lunda

 Riot Sports (FL) – Martin, Plaisance, Thornton

 Xtreme (MN) – Lost Ellwanger, picked up Schrage, Anninos, Nimmo

2019 AA/A/B Teams (26)
 B&B? (NC)
 Baugh Ford (AL) has Tennyson brothers, Zorich, Hooks, Rasberry, Cornett, Sullivan, Folsom, Ponder, Baugh, Griffin, Bunn
 Briggs/SFI/BF Cattle (NC/VA)
 Chanticlear Pizza/Eurotech? (MN)
 Cheap Suits (CA)
 Classic Glass (CA) – Nate Newman, Larsen
 Empire? (LA)
 Headlines Sportswear / Cincysoftball / Titan Truckin (OH)
 Infamous (CO)
 Insane Sports? (OH)
 L&S Glass (CA)
 LaFamiglia (PA) (possible AA)
 My Auto Jack/Sonnys (AZ)
 Primetime (GA) – Patzig
 Pure/Haymak/Timeless/Exclusive Bats (NC-A)
 Rebel Sports? (MI)
 Seminoles (OK)
 SNI? (FL)
 Sports Reach/Crunchtime (KY/NC/SC)
 Thunder (NY-A)
 Tradesmen (UT)
 TRU Sports/Selling Virginia/Miken (VA)
 T&W/Pauer Sports (OH) – Radich, Pinkham, Kirsten, Crump, Pack, Ledenski, Tony Payne, Rosenbalm, Hinken, and Noeth Jr
 Vivid/Killbombers (TX)
 New team – Mark P in the panhandle (FL)

Haven't heard from (3):
 Olmito Heat
 Wood Law

Teams that are rumored to be done (4):
JBL/Tailgaters is done for this year but might be back in 2020


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