Wednesday December 13th, 2017

West Coast Monsta vs Smash It Sports in a best of 5 to start off 2018 season with a bang!



What started as an internet challenge between Monsta owner Carl Pegnatori who's West Coast Monsta team won the 2017 USA Softball Super National Champions and Rick Schiffauer the primary sponsor of the Smash It Sports team that won the 2017 USSSA Major World Series Champions, has turned into a best of 5 game series to be played in Las Vegas, Nevada at the end of February to determine a final champion.  The two teams have agreed to play and are currently working out the details of the event which should feature a stadium field, USSSA playing Rules, with a 52/300 ball, unlimited home runs, and the teams will be able to use any USA Softball or USSSA stamped bat as long as it passes compression testing.  A livestream solution is also being discussed.  This would most likely be an unsanctioned event with umpires to be determined and would attempt to consolidate the championships into one overall winner. 

Each team is using their 2018 roster however and each team has added and removed a couple of players.  Most notably WC Monsta has added middle infielder Brett Rettenmeier and outfielder Travis Houseman and they will be led by outfielder Filip Washington, and slugger Chris Greinert.  Smash It Sports has added infielders Adam Ussery, Brian McBryde, Josh Riley, and former USSSA Major MVP Kyle Pearson and have parted ways with outfielder Andrew Collins and infielder Dennis Rulli.  Smash It Sports of course is led by 12 time USSSA Major World Series and 2017 Conference USSSA MVP pitcher Andy Purcell.  Both teams pride themselves on defense, momentum offense, and timely power so it could be an interesting event.

I will add information to this page as it becomes official.


Monsta's Filip Washington and Smash It Sports Andy Purcell and Don Dedonatis Jr.

WC Monsta the 2017 USA Softball Super National Champions


2017 USSSA Major World Series Champion Smash It/Scene/TDB/Miken/Worth/DirtySportsWear

Their team name for 2018 is Smash It Sports/Backman/Thunder/TDB/Miken/Worth

4 responses to “West Coast Monsta vs Smash It Sports in a best of 5 to start off 2018 season with a bang!”

  1. Jeff says:

    As far as I know, Dale Brungardt isn’t playing for WC Monsta. Though that may have changed since I talked to him last

  2. CookieDuster says:

    I have 5K on Smash it if anyone is looking for some action!..

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