Friday June 22nd, 2018

2014 VTS/S&S Landscaping/EVO9X team!


VTS/S&S Landscaping/EVO9X – Conference 'B'

      Steven Allen             OF
9    Jason Arraiol            IF/OF
10 Tony Flores               IF/OF
21 Chris Goyette            C/EH
3    Jeffrey La Hair           SS
16  Michael Mc Googan 1st/P
5     John Myler                IF
24  Robert Nash              IF
7    Michael Padovani     OF
66  John Redihan            C/EH
      Terry Rosenbalm II   IF
2    Jeffrey Roxby            IF
17 Scott Sunderland      C/EH
23 Brian Titus                 P/1st
20 Joe Venturini             OF

VTS – John Redihan  Coach
S&S Landscaping –  Scott Sunderland  Manager

April 24-27 Hall of Fame
May 13-15 Columbus Major
May 16-18 Connecticut Affiliate
June 13-15 Bash on the Chesapeake Dual
July 11-13 Smoky Mountain
July 18-20  Cincy
August 8-10 Last Chance Detroit (if needed)
A Worlds
Conference Championship
B Worlds

2 responses to “2014 VTS/S&S Landscaping/EVO9X team!”

  1. above all.... says:

    I notice a few guys on this roster from 2 years ago in the conf…any of these guys play last year? I recognize a few names from 3 years ago that couldnt cut it in the conference thats for sure….good luck!

  2. Hey above all says:

    i guess you guys have “CUT IT” in the conference….go landscape something will ya.

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