Saturday May 26th, 2018

Vote for 2016 Players of the Year at each position!

7 responses to “Vote for 2016 Players of the Year at each position!”

  1. Chris says:

    How did you come up with these lists? Is this based off stats or finishing position of the team?

  2. DW says:

    Loosely based on top 10 teams unless a team didn’t have a player that played regularly at a position or someone outside the top 10 had a monster year

  3. Heavy says:

    Did you leave Boothe out or did I miss his name?

  4. Monte says:

    When does the voting end

  5. DW says:

    Voting will end January 2nd

  6. Monte says:

    ? Still open

  7. DW says:

    closed. i will have to remove this article

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