Saturday April 29th, 2017

USSSA Bump list for 2017!



Effective 11/23/2016   

USSSA has released the list of teams that were automatically moved up to a higher classification for 2017.  The list is comprised of teams that were automatically moved up based on performance in the USSSA National and/or World Tournaments.  In addition the list will include teams moved up by the National Classification Committee (NCC).   Teams must participate in their new classification for a period of ONE (1) year. Teams that fail to participate the following year will remain at the new classification until such time as they participate and meet the requirement.  Teams will be required to play in a minimum of four "quality" events before any appeal can be submitted.  All appeals will be required to be submitted by the team's State Director. The appeal must be approved by the team's State Director, Vice President (VP) and the Classification Committee.  (See By-Laws: Article III, Section 5 and 6). 

In addition there are changes in the USSSA website in regards to teams who have been moved up automatically or by the NCC.   Players on all teams effected are "flagged" within the website system.  No player may be added to a roster that has NO player history within the system.  Players with no history can only be added by a State Director and with VP approval.  State Directors have been authorized to request a "photo" ID of the player. This can be submitted in the form of a text message, email or other suitable means.  Teams with 4 or more players that are “flagged” for re-classification or a combination of players from a higher class will be required to play in the higher classification. 

To view the list of teams moved up please click on the following links:

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Good luck in 2017!


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