Tuesday October 25th, 2016

TheOldScout.com refurbished!


Check out the Refurbished TheOldScout.com home page daily!

As some of you know TheOldScout.com home page has been under construction for some time now.  This page will be updated frequently with softball history articles.  Articles that I will add to as I find pictures, reports, and video clips.  The first such article is legendary player Jim Mortl and the 1971 USSSA Major World Series!

As always if you have or know of any softball history items you can share with me, send them to dw@softballcenter.com.

I will be posting articles from 1968 through 2005.  TheOldScout.com homepage will contain all the slowpitch history I can find up until the Conference USSSA started in 2006 and the Conference information of course is here at SoftballCenter.com.


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