Sunday April 22nd, 2018

The power of social media at the USSSA Major World Series!


In the past years I've talked about unique visitors for a month or unique visitors in one day statistics.  Like for the most unique visitors we ever had in a month the first year the website was up and running was 4,000.  7 years later broke 90,000 unique visitors in a month and in September 2016 (this month) we plan to break 100,000.  These are awesome milestones and numbers I never thought the site would reach.  We have also talked about unique viewers in one day for the livestream.  The record in 2015 was around 16,000 unique viewers in one day watching the livestreams.  Well at the Major this year they broke 22,000 unique viewers in one day.  Then Bernie from USSSA made a great decision to share the livestream of the major games on facebook live, a relatively new streaming platform that facebook is vigorously promoting at the current time.  Well this one game between Scene and Backman from Saturday that was shared on Facebook live went viral and brought in 24,000 views just on that one game.  And as you can see it reached 1,198,550 Facebook users


This is all a credit to the fans of slowpitch softball that "likes" and "shares" articles and livestream links.

Thank You!

Please continue to support the game by liking and sharing on social media.



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