Tuesday April 24th, 2018

Support your troops with hotel freebies!


Support your troops with hotel freebies!

Hello my name is Steve Ricketts aka "Pineapple". Recently on a trip out of town I did not use the hotel toiletries provided. I then thought maybe someone could use these. I messaged a couple of friends and they said their family members that were deployed military definitely could use these items since they normally have to pay for these items out of pocket. So on Friday night I bagged them up and the maid loaded the room back up again on Saturday.  So it dawned on me that maybe the softball community would be able to help out with this FREE fundraiser. Any unused soap, shampoo, lotions, razors, deodorant, toothpaste and things will be of great help. Feel free as a team to bag you items together with your team name as I want a list to provide to anyone that asks. 

As of now DW will have a box by the backstop of the main field in Columbus to place donations. Jayson Scott & Robert Mahaffey of 3rd street and Ben Cosgrove of PRI are willing to get these items back to me to prepare for shipping in late August early September. As of now I have raised about $200 for the shipping of these items. Thanks for any help!

Any directors that want to set this type of collection up at their conference tournament throughout the summer can also do so and Steve will try to find someone that can drive them back to Cincinnati to add to the collection.

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