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SoftballCenter’s 2018 Nationwide Conference Pre-Season Rankings! Team #31 Revealed


Softball Center's 2018 Nationwide Conference USSSA


Pre-Season Rankings!


Teams 32-40 listed below!

Rankings are for the most part done by classication groups with a few exceptions.  I will release 1 or 2 new teams per day as I count down to the #1 pre-season team in the nation by the end of March and the start of the season in Las Vegas April 6th!  

Remember this is for fun and with over 500 roster moves in Conference per year, the rosters and teams change throughout the season.

2018 Probable Team List

Click here for a look back at the final 2017 Computer Rankings  

Click here for a look back at the 2017 SoftballCenter pre-season rankings!

2018 Conference Make Up (40 teams):
3 Major Teams
Approximately 8 'AA' Teams
Approximately 17 'A' Teams
Approximately 12 'B' Teams

Note: most of the pictures in this article are from the past years


#31 La Famiglia/Easton/Elite Sports/DRMG (PA-B)

Brendan Mullen
Tom Wingard
Mychael Evans
Clayton Farrar
Josh Fyffe
Justin Lutheran
Zack King
Matt Westwood
Tanai Alston
Seth Ricketson
Tim Fung
Dave Durso
Don McDuffee
Eric Challburg
John "Word" Robinson
MJ "Marv" Parsons

Manager – Tom Wingard
Coach – John Carson
Sponsors – Tom Wingard – DRMG
Brett Helmer – Easton
Carlos Vegas – Elite Sports
Travel – Alaysha Browning, John Carson, Rachel Rovnak

2018 Tentative Schedule
April 13-15 Space City Classic Big League City, TX
April 18-22 USSSA Hall of Fame Classic Kissimmee, FL
May 11-13 Hoosier Classic Columbus, IN
Jun 08-10 Bash on the Chesapeake Glen Burnie, MD
Jul 13-15 50th Smoky Mountain Classic Maryville, TN
Jul 20-22 Cincinnati Men's Major Cincinnati, OH
Aug 03-05 Columbus BATS Major Columbus, OH
Aug 17-19 GSL A World Series Cincinnati, OH
Aug 24-26 ASA B World Series Prairie Island, MN
Aug 31-Sep 02 GSL B World Series Columbus, OH
Sep 21-23 USSSA B World Series Viera, FL

LaFamiglia is a new Conference 'B' team put together by Tom Wingard out of Pennsylvania after playing 'C' last year.  They won a nice winter world tournament in Texas over the winter.  Their known players are John Robinson who is a Major Watch list player, Tanai Alston an infielder that bounced around the Conference the past two years, Seth Ricketson who was with TDB a year ago, and Mychael Evans who led off for Premier last year.  This team could be in the mix in 'B' by the end of the year and are playing a big schedule.





#32 Rapid Fire Sports Lounge/DNI Sports/Miken Worth (VA-A)

Cam Byars
Bradley Scott
Jablonski JB Jennings
Chris Nann
Austin Mccullough
Anthony Chavis
Thomas Mills
Chris Pudge Isennock
David Thurston
Hunter Young
Travis Fields
Justin Taylor
Justin Baxley
Rodney Rodriguez
Mark Katz
Terry Hoffman

2018 Tentative Schedule
Hall of Fame Classic
Demarini Classic
Pure Sports Peach State Shootout
Bash on the Chesapeake
A Worlds

Rapid Fire is another team that we don't know enough about in order to properly rank pre-season.  I think they will move into the pre-season top 30 once I receive all of the rosters and being an 'A' team they have more roster flexibilty throughout the season.  Rapid Fire put together by Mark Katz is yet another new Conference team for 2018!  They are based out of Virginia and feature former 3rd Street and OA Apparel pitcher Cam Byars, and former TDB and Primetime infielder/outfielder JB Jennings.  The rest of the players look like a mix of good coastal 'B' and 'C' players from various teams.  The southeastern schedule with two trips to Ohio should be about right for this up and coming team.


Cam Byars who actually started his conference career with Team 454 and Military softball star Jerblonski Jennings 




William Block
Christian Cancio
Richard Carlson
Ryan Chavis
David Greene
Juan Hidalgo
Joseph Mclemore
Oscar Pajon
Roberto Pajon
Osvaldo Sanchez
Stephen Scott
Nery Tijerino
Brandon Wessner

2018 Schedule2018 Tournament Schedule:
April USSSA Houston Major
April USSSA HOF Dual Major
May USSSA Atlanta Major
June USSSA Maryland Major
July USSSA Cincinnati Major
August USSSA Florida States
August USSSA A World
September USSSA AA World ?
September USSSA B Worlds

Rick Wiley
Supreme Collison
Alpha Prime Sports

Sponsor Rick Wiley returns to the Conference again after struggling in 2017.  They are known for some big upsets over the years in Conference and they have a few new names like Christian Cancio who had an end of year stint with the Dan Smith Major team and the return of shortstop Roberto Pajon who won 'AA' Worlds with Precision in 2016.  They also grabbed some of the Beetech players.  Rick has put together a nice schedule of southeastern tournaments and will help fill out the upper level World events in Viera, Florida.  Wiley's is in action this weekend (March 10th) at the Stars and Stripes tournament in Florida.


Shortstop Roberto Pajon returns to Wiley's



#34 Wood Law  (TX-B)

Player / Sponsor Doug Wood          C
Dennis Shrum,      1B, EH
Taylor Albrecht     Util/P
Austin Peacock     OF/Inf
Ross Borkowski    OF
Blake Nelson        P
Zach Saint Pierre  OF
Matt Strode          OF
James Baker         Inf
Joshua Choate     Inf
Logan Tewilliger  Inf
Justin Denman     Inf
Michael Williams  EH/C
Eric Sylvester       OF

Craig Burns        Coach
Doug Wood        Sponsor
Don Payne          Sponsor

Tentative Schedule:
Jan 20       Winter Worlds                         Mansfield, TX
Feb 17      Winter Texas State                  Rowlett, TX
March 17  Mesquite Kickoff                     Mesquite, TX
April 13   12th Annual Space City Classic  Houston, TX
April 19   USSSA Hall of Fame Classic        Viera, FL
April 29   Texas Budfest                            Mansfield, TX
May 18   18th Annual Texas Legends      Euless, TX
June 8     Sooner Invitational                     Tulsa, OK
June 24   Lonestar Texas                          Mansfield, TX
July 7     39th Busch Classic                     Little Rock, AK
July 13   50th Smoky Mountain Classic    Maryville, TN
July 27   40th Annual Cajun Classic         Carenco, LA
Aug 3     B State                                       Euless, TX
       or    6th Annual Columbus BATS Major   Columbus, OH*
Sept. 1   Conference Championship**       Viera, FL
Sept 19  USSSA Major World Series**       Viera Fl
              B World

*If needed
**If Qualified

Player/Sponsor Doug Wood returns to the Conference in 2018 with his Chill Sports team from 2017 with a couple of new players.  He also picked up former Vivid utility man Taylor Albrecht and long-time Major veteran Dennis Shrum.  Although I am not sure if Major List players can still play 'B'?  This team has a lot of quality softball on its schedule and bunch of players we will have to learn about.  They are 3-0 vs 'B' teams in the offseason tournaments.


Dennis Shrum and Taylor Albrecht when they played with Vivid



#35 Insane Sports/Basement/Ray's/M24  (OH-B)

Mike Bailey
Mike Cairns
Travis Crooks
Ryan Cummins
Shawn Finch
Shawn Green
Mike Lemponen
Tyler Maag
David Miller
Kevin Miller
Chris Pastva
Mike Rogers
DJ Schreckengost
John Taylor
Travis Smith
Adam Young

Coach-Scott Whipkey
Coach-Joe Garrett
Coach-Herschel Byers

2018 Schedule
GSL Moneyball Columbus, OH
Louisville Slugger/DeMarini Classic Charlotte, NC
Hoosier Classic Columbus, IN
Bash on the Chesapeake Glen Burnie, MD
Circle City Classic Indianapoils, IN
GSL King of the Hill Cincinnati, OH
Cincinnati Major Cincinnati, OH
Columbus BATS Major Cincinnati, OH
GSL A Worlds Cincinnati, OH
GSL B Worlds Columbus , OH
B Worlds Viera, FL

Insane Sports
The Basement
Ray’s Place
M24 Batting Gloves

Insane Sports is a new Conference team from Ohio they have just a little upper level experience with players like DJ Schreckengost who played with Tailgaters, and big David Miller the left-handed power hitter from Above All Landscaping.  Although Miller coaches college baseball now so he may not be available much in the first half of the season.  This is another team that is a bit of an unknown so thus the low ranking.  At worst they are a middle of the road 'B' team that will battle all year with the other 5 'B' teams in the State.  At best they are the next Tailgaters, which would be great for the Conference!  Scott Whipkey and some of the management that put this team together are from the old Laria and Pepco teams of a decade ago, while some of the players come from Titan Trucking and other Ohio 'C' teams.

Big David Miller who played a lot of pro baseball




#36 Infamous / Salt Riot / NH  (CO-B)

Infamous is a new conference team out of Colorado made up of the 2017 Infamous and Goonies 'C' teams plus some other pieces parts.  They also added former Racks pitcher Tyson Steele and have former OC Swats CF/MI Mike Gibbens, as well as a few others with some Conference experience like Jake Morton who played with Stars.  The state of Colorado has 5 'B' teams this year so congratulations to them on building up their program.  I ranked Infamous low because they are unknown to the upper level softball world, but with the talent in Colorado and Utah don't be surprised if they exceed expectations.  They did have a big win at the Southwest Invite over Classic Glass.


Mike Gibbens and Tyson Steele



#37 Cheap Suits/Deaf & Dope/ Republic Realty (CA-B)

Scotty Costa
Joshua Robinson
Kenny Bergmann
Sean Namanny
Craig Lovelady
Danny Fontaine
Aaron Gori
Devon Denholm
Steven Martins
Mateo Pacheco
Adam Smylie
Floyd Seabron
Nick Larson

Sonny Aguilera Academy Mortgage Corp
Deaf & dope apparel
Republic realty

Manager – Sonny Aguilera

Coach – Scotty Costa
Coach – Donald Ybarreche

2018 Tournament Schedule:
April USSSA Las Vegas Major
April USSSA HOF Dual Major
May Manteca Open
May USSSA Dallas Major
July USSSA Chicago Major
July USSSA Seattle Dual
July USSSA Colorado Major
September USSSA B World

Cheap Suits is a California 'C' team that has moved up to 'B' and entered the Conference with an entire roster of new Conference talent except for one veteran slugger Adam Smylie who played with Classic Glass and Team Racks.  The team will play a west coast heavy schedule as they learn the ropes.  The team was 6-2 last year vs 'B' Teams and 11-5 vs 'C' and finished tied for 17th at 'C' Worlds (3-2) and tied for 9th at USSSA 'B' Worlds with a 7-2 record.  They defeated TG Brand, HB Softball, and L&S Glass in that 'B' World and all 3 of those teams were in the Conference.  

The team is best known nationally for their uniforms which look like a tuxedo.  There #36 ranking is really just a product of the roster which isn't nationally known.  I believe most of these guys are from Northern California where Bay Area Legends, L&S Glass, and Classic Glass are all from.  So we know that these teams have talent and can move up the ranks quickly.  Another welcome addition to the Conference 'B' division!


Cheap Suits slugger Adam Smylie



These are the teams that have not turned in a roster yet so we will rank them last until we see the rosters:


#UNKNOWN SNI/Easton/SDA/Dynasty (FL-TBD) – Bryce Johnson's Florida team called CTC last year that pulled that huge upset at USSSA 'A' Worlds over Baugh Ford is joining the Conference.  Their roster should be out on March 10th and I will rank them properly at that time.



#UNKNOWN L&S Glass – (CA-TBD) – Rich Ledeit's California Conference team from 2017 that also won the USA Softball 'B' Nationals.  When I receive their roster I will rank them properly. 



#UNKNOWN Olmito/Steel Sports/Tru Bleu – Gilbert Castillo has put together a Texas 'B' team to compete in the Conference.  When the roster is posted I will put them in the rankings where I feel the best belong.




Past Conference Team Totals by Year:

2017 Conference Make Up (39 teams):
 6 Major Teams
12 'AA' Teams
12 'A' Teams
  9 'B' Teams

2016 Conference Make Up (40 teams):
 5 Major Teams
11 'AA' Teams
12 'A' Teams
12 'B' Teams

2015 Conference Make Up (46 teams):
 6 Major Teams
12 'A' Teams
20 'B' Teams
 8 'C' Teams

2014 Conference Make Up (53 teams):
 4 Major Teams
 9 'A' Teams
23 'B' Teams
17 'C' Teams

2013 Conference Make Up (47 teams):
 4 Major Teams
 8 'A' Teams
20 'B' Teams
15 'C' Teams

2012 Conference Make Up (41 teams):
 4 Major Teams
 9 'A' Teams
21 'B' Teams
 7 'C' Teams

2011 Conference Make Up (38 teams):
 4 Major Teams
10 'A' Teams
20 'B' Teams
 4 'C' Teams

2010 Conference Make Up (34 teams):
 2 Major Teams
11 'A' Teams
15 'B' Teams
 5 'C' Teams
 1 'D' Team


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