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SoftballCenter’s 2014 Major Prospect List!


This is the "2014 Major Prospect List"

as picked by before the 2014 season starts.

The list contains only players that were NOT on the 2014 Major Players List or the 2014 Major Watch List list before the 2014 season.

I will add a position to the list periodically.  Today I added the Pitchers!

Trying to do just 5 per position with outfielders getting 10. 

I am sure plenty of great players were missed, especially if their team didn't turn in statistics.

Then the list will conclude with the top 10!

Here is a look back at the past Prospect Lists:

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2009 Major Prospect List



(Listed in alphabetical order by last name)


P Billy Barrett – Baugh Ford/Doerflinger/Nat Pawn/Klutch


P Cam Byars – ASP Nation/Dynasty/Reset/Easton


P Ryan Joiner – Red's Astros/Louisville Slugger/Team Rhino


P Shawn Jones – Combat/Blockers/Prime Time Design/Batters Brigade


P Danny Lopez – Resmondo-Specialty Tank/Worth


P Faron Miller – Line Drive Sportz/R&M Metals/Easton







(Listed in alphabetical order by last name)

Note: a lot of these guys are playing middle or third base this year.

I'm not sure most of the shortstops here are headed for the Major lists but they deserve recognition.


SS Shaun Bridger – Broughton/NLS/Turk Auto/BR/Easton
OnBase 137  Plate App-202   HR-17  RBI-80  OBC%-0.678
Underrated for a long time, can get streaky hot with the onbase percentage


SS Orlando Castillo – Team Albicocco/Scene/Easton/Elite
OnBase-91  Plate App-144  HR-14  RBI-68  OBC%-0.632
Up and comer who was batting 2nd and playing middle infield for Albicocco to start the season


SS Nicholas Masur – 3rd Street/Louisville Slugger/MOJO
OnBase-63  Plate App-99  HR-9  RBI-34  OBC%-0.636
A steady SS for awhile now


SS Alexander Montano – OC Swats/Miken/Premier Athletics
OnBase-92  Plate App-151  HR-27  RBI-97  OBC%-0.609
Talk of "Pesso like" defense


SS Cooper Vittitow – Line Drive Sportz/R&M Metals/Easton
OnBase-87  Plate App-130  HR-20  RBI-75  OBC%-0.669
Quick hands on D and O.  Was playing third base for Line Drive to open season




(Listed in alphabetical order by last name)


OF Eliseo Aguilar – OC Swats / Miken / Premier Athletics
Gm-26  OnBase-116  Plate App-159  HR-20  RBI-62  OB%-0.730
Underrated outfielder who doesn't get a lot of press being that he is from out west.



OF Davis Bilardello – Team Combat/
Gm-34  Onbase-113  Plate App-172  HR-34  RBI-93  OB%-0.657
Back with team Combat, looking to take the next step.


CF Brad Blankenship – Baugh Ford/Doerflinger/National Pawn/Klutch Brand/Easton
Gm-40  Onbase-125  Plate App-184  HR-40  RBI-99  OB%-0.679
Brad isn't exactly a prospect and he has been on the watch list before, but I thought he deserved recognition after a strong 2013.


OF Cory Boothe – Line Drive Sportz/R&M Metals/Easton
Gm-28  OnBase-80  Plate App-112  HR-28  RBI-62  OB%-0.714
Plays less and less outfield every year but the stick gets better and better.



OF Jackie Corn – Taylormade/TM Sports/Diamond & Ice/Mizuno
OnBase-76  Plate App-125  HR-13  RBI-61  OB%-0.608
Came on strong last year, should have a big season.




OF Jason Gilfillan – OI Livingston/Scott's Lawn Care/Midwest Whitetail Adventures/Worth
OnBase-95  Plate App-139  HR-19  RBI-63  OB%-0.683
Solid outfielder with good conference experience coming off a nice season.
Has earned recognition.


Gm-35  OnBase-107  Plate App-144  HR-35  RBI-89  OB%-0.743
Kessler has been in the top 10 prospects before. 
Complete player who's climb to Major has been fun to follow.



OF Dan Kirkwood – MPT Rentals / Mizuno
OnBase-67  Plate App-114  HR-10  RBI-37  OB%-0.588
Was in the top 10 prospects a year ago. 
Might have been premature but looking for a breakout season.


OF Kyle Pearson – Baugh Ford/Doerflinger/National Pawn/Klutch Brand/Easton
Gm-35  OnBase-111  Plate App-176  HR-35  RBI-94  OB%-0.631
The fruits of his battles in 2013 should turn into a great 2014.



Center Fielders

(Listed in alphabetical order by last name)


CF Colby Hughes – Slattery Logistics/BWW/Buzini/Miken

Colby has the talent and desire to move to the next level and will get an opportunity to showcase it with Slattery who has now been moved to the 'A' division.



CF Ryan Parfitt – Line Drive Sportz/R&M Metals/Easton
Onbase-178    Plate App-252    HR-51    RBI-144    OB%-706

I had Parfitt listed as an outfielder on my prospect list mistakenly so I moved him over here to the center fielders where he belongs.
Parfitt is a machine in center field and at the plate.  Focus, talent, and his yearly improvement put him in line for a shot at the majors!


CF Lee Payne – Albicocco/The Scene/Easton/Elite
Gm-27  OnBase-87  Plate App-121  HR-23  RBI-62  OB%-0.719
One of the true up and coming talents in the game.
Works hard on his game.


CF Justin Stuart – Slattery Logistics/BWW/Buzini Sports/Miken
Gm-26  OnBase-83  Plate App-126  HR-26  OB%-0.659
Somewhat underrated, solid, deserving.



Middle Infielders

(Listed in alphabetical order by last name)


MI Pilar Amaya – 4 The Fallen/Miken/Evo9x
Gm-21  OnBase-76  Plate App-123  HR-21  RBI-61  OB%-0.618
Due for a breakout season.  Big upside.


MI Chris Hansen – Line Drive Sportz/R&M Metals/Easton
OnBase-107  Plate App-188  HR-16  RBI-68  OB%-0.569
Has been in the top 10 prospects.  Gets another shot with Line Drive.


MI Troy Krider – Red's Astros/Louisville Slugger/Team Rhino
OnBase-90  Plate App-149  HR-8  RBI-60  OB%-0.604
Maybe the fastest turn on DP's next to Bazat.
Offense improving as he continues to learn the game.


MI Billy Moran – Taylormade/TM Sports/Diamond & Ice/Mizuno
Onbase-71  Plate App-118  HR-11  RBI-46  OB%-0.602
Solid play, looking to take the next step.


MI Tommie Melton – ASP Nation/Dynasty/Reset/Easton
Gm-39  OnBase-117  Plate App-166  HR-39  RBI-127  OB%-0.705
One of the best infielders in the game.  Brings it on offense as well.





(Listed in alphabetical order by last name)


C Stuart Snell – ASP Nation/Dynasty/Reset/Easton
Gm-47  Onbase-100  Plate App-135  HR-47  RBI-116  OB%-0.741
Led the nation in homer's for awhile last year


C/EH Jon Jamison – Pure Romance/Chics Bar&Grill/HeadlinesApparel/Easton
Gm-37  Onbase-130  Plate App-169  HR-37  RBI-127  OB%-0.769
Longtime professional hitter, deserves the recognition…again


C/EH Jonathan Scott – OI Livingston/Scotts Lawn Care/Midwest Whitetail Adventures/Worth
Gm-28  Onbase-104  Plate App-139  HR-28  RBI-71  OB%-0.748
Year after year of big power and hitting numbers


C/EH Jason Magnum – ASP Nation/Dynasty/Reset/Easton
Gm-42  Onbase-114  Plate App-155  HR-42  RBI-98  OB%-0.735
New power hitter looking for a big sophomore season


C/EH Brian Lipman – Team Combat/
Gm-53  Onbase-156  Plate App-220  HR-53  RBI-155  OB%-0.709
Racked up the numbers.  I'm actually not sure what other positions Brian plays?


C/EH Brad Tabler – Reds Astros/Louisville Slugger/Team Rhino
Gm-30  Onbase-77  Plate App-111  HR-30  RBI-81  OB%-0.694
Had a big year with 3rd Street and got the call to go to Reds Astros



Third Basemen

(Listed in alphabetical order by last name)


3B Michael Cervantes – ASP Nation/Dynasty/Reset/Easton
Onbase-97  Plate App-135  HR-13  RBI-55  OB%-0.719
Up and coming left handed hitter.


3B Jeff Flood – Baugh Ford/ Doerflinger / National Pawn / Easton
Gm-40  Onbase-123  Plate App-178  HR-40  RBI-145  OB%-0.691
Consistent stick who can play multiple infield positions



3B Isaac Gonzalez – 4 The Fallen/Miken/Evo9x
Gm-52  Onbase-131  Plate App-184  HR-52  RBI-134  OB%-0.712
Huge power numbers for a young rookie



3B Bob Hankins – Slattery Logistics/BWW/Buzini Sports/Miken
Onbase-89  Plate App-132  HR-1  RBI-35  OB%-0.674
Great onbase and attitude for a young player without using homers



3B Julio Salazar – SONNYS
Onbase-127  Plate App-169  HR-20  RBI-70  OB%-0.751
On base leader and clutch hitter for years.  Deserves recognition.




Second Basemen

(Listed in alphabetical order by last name)


2B Chris Arredondo West Coast New Breed
Gm-23  OnBase-128  Plate App-188  HR-23  RBI-75  OB%-0.681

"Dondo" has been at this for a long time and continues to get it done.



2B Cameron Cox – Team Combat/
Gm-22  Onbase-79  Plate App-116  HR-22  RBI-72  OB%-0.681

Cameron made the USA futures team.



2B Steve Edwards – Pure Romance/Chic's Bar&Grill/
Gm-42  OnBase-120  Plate App-169  HR-42  RBI-111  OB%-0.710

Underrated, versatile, and plays the game the right way




2B Scotty Langford – MPT Rentals/Mizuno
Gm-22  OnBase-84  Plate App-117  HR-22  RBI-92  OB%-0.718



2B Billy Maggard – Slattery Logistics/BWW/Buzini Sports/Miken
Gm-28  Onbase-92  Plate App-131  HR-28  OB%-0.702




First Basemen

(Listed in alphabetical order by last name)

1B Blake King – Taylormade/TM Sports/Diamond & Ice/Mizuno
Onbase-95 Plate App-137 HR-7 RBI-64 BB-5 OB% 0.693
King returns to Taylormade. He starts the season at the ripe old age of 19!


1B Ricky Potter – Unknown
Gm-31 Onbase-116 Plate App-166 HR-31 RBI-112 BB-17 OB% 0.699

Potter is coming off a great year with Reds and last I heard was a free agent.


1B Shannon Smith – Team Albicocco/The Scene/Easton
Only played 1 tournament in 2013

Shannon will get a shot at third base for Albicocco.


1B Phillip White – Team Albicocco/The Scene/Easton
Gm-20 Onbase-66 Plate App-87 HR-20 RBI-51 BB-9 OB% 0.759


1B Josh Wiggs – ASP Nation/Dynasty/Reset/Easton
Gm-36 Onbase-113 Plate App-156 HR-36 RBI-109 BB-19 OB% 0.724

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  1. Tom Crump says:

    Eric Galon with Elk/CashHouse last year, was top 10 in hitting in conference for a good part of the season, is free agent last I heard.

  2. Matt Fox says:

    Congrats to boy Eli well deserved bro.

  3. Cowboy says:

    Good to see so many Cincinnati area players!

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    Congrats to all my Boys Eli, Dondo, AJ, Pilar, Hansen, Julio, Lippy and DLo… Give them hell fellas…

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