Sunday October 23rd, 2016

Updated 10/18/2016 – Possible 2017 Conference team list




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Possible 2017 Conference Team List

NOTE: WHEN I SAY A TEAM IS VERIFIED that means they are having a team.  It does not mean they are the classification listed.  Classification at this point is just a guess.

Email me at to verify your team is in or to fix your team name or when ready send a roster to be posted on

I am sure I am missing teams or have some information wrong. This is just for the fans so please send corrections as the teams change and evolve.

Verified means they have confirmed a 2017 team.

? means I am not sure if they are having a team.

No marking means I am pretty sure they are having a team.

Classifications are just guesses at this time.


Link to 2017 Team Rosters:

M Backman Louisville Slugger (verified) – Backman returns most of their 2016 team
M Dan Smith/Menosse/Easton (verified) – Rumored to have some of 2016 Combats top players

M Resmondo/ASP/H.Auto/Specialty Tank/RDD/Easton (verified) – Wegman, Umschied, Wolf, Mack, Bazat, Baker, Connell, Pearson, Clark, Kirby, Fulk and others.

M Scene/Worth/Miken – Rumored to have Purcell, Dedonatis, Santana, Collins, Dillon, Rulli, Reyna, Branch, and others.
M Newbreed/Demarini (verified)

M Racks/Miken/Sonnys/Powerhouse Sports (verified)


'AA' TEAMS (11)
AA ASP/Bad Draw/Broughton (verified)
AA Classic Glass (verified)
AA JBL/Tailgaters/All In/B&E/Worth (verified)
AA Killbombers/Demarini (verified)
AA Nightmare (verified)
AA OC Swats ?
AA Precision (verified)

AA Smash It Sports/Thunder/Miken/Vulcan (verified)

AA Astros (verified)
AA TM Sports ?
AA Xtreme/Miken (verified)


'A' TEAMS (14)
A AllOut/Klutch/Worth/MVPSports (verified)
A Above All Landscaping ?
A All American Restoration ?
A Bay Area Legends (verified)
A Buffalo Wings and Rings
A MONEY/ASP/MIKEN/A&A (verified)
A Primetime (verified)
A Pure Sports/Honey Badgers (verified)
? Semper/Demarini (verified)
? Rebel Sports (verified)
A Starkey/MWH/Steel/Nallys (verified)
A STL/Mizuno (verified)
? TG Brand ?

? B&B/Worsham Athletics
B LaFamiglia/MrWiggles/Worth/Elite
? Premier
? SouthShore ?


9 responses to “Updated 10/18/2016 – Possible 2017 Conference team list”

  1. Fred Fimbres says:

    Need contact pls to Bay Area Legends principals


    Fred Fimbres – AZ Gloveman

  2. Fred Fimbres says:

    Bay Area Legends, pls contact me.

  3. Conference Carl says:

    South Shore out of Mass going B conference

  4. softball oldie says:

    I’ve seen the Thunder roster but have any of the other verified teams submitted theirs?

  5. Rj#75 says:

    What will the Dan Smith roster look like?

  6. Dee McDonald says:

    3rd Street?

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