Tuesday January 17th, 2017

Updated 1/15/2017 – Possible 2017 Conference team list




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13 responses to “Updated 1/15/2017 – Possible 2017 Conference team list”

  1. Fred Fimbres says:

    Need contact pls to Bay Area Legends principals


    Fred Fimbres – AZ Gloveman

  2. Bay Area Legends, pls contact me.

  3. Conference Carl says:

    South Shore out of Mass going B conference

  4. softball oldie says:

    I’ve seen the Thunder roster but have any of the other verified teams submitted theirs?

  5. Rj#75 says:

    What will the Dan Smith roster look like?

  6. Dee McDonald says:

    3rd Street?

  7. Player says:

    What Premier team you Talking about DW?

  8. DW says:

    Premier from Ohio

  9. Dmburris1 says:

    Cookies/Terry’s/worth-Miken is playing A

  10. MidWest99 says:

    Lafamiglia/ wiggles is not having a conference team.

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