Thursday April 26th, 2018

Poll Results #6 "Base Distance at the Smoky (80 or 70)?"



2010 Poll Results

Article #6

Base distance at the Smoky?

Sh ould the bases at the Smoky Mountain Classic be 80 feet or 70 feet?   Currently at 80 feet, most gaps are singles unless the player is fast.

Number of Voters 92

(53  57.6%) 80 Feet    
(39  42.4%) 70 Feet 

The majority seem to like the 80 foot bases.   I have to admit, the games in 2010 did not seem to be affected as much by the longer bases as they were in 2009.   It did seem in years past that players would not even hustle to first on a single or some gap shots because they knew with the longer bases that they had no shot at 2nd base.   This often made players look lazy.

The poll has spoken!   Leave the bases at 80 feet.

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