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Poll Results #10 "Stats"



2010 Poll Results

Article #10

Conference Tournament Statistics?


Are the Conference tournament statistics accurate?

Number of Voters 40

(29  72.5%) No, they are being manipulated 
(11  27.5%) Yes 

After speaking with a number of Conference manager's and doing a little research based off of statistics listed on the website.  I have come to learn that teams are indeed "cooking the books" when it comes to stats.   Now in the old days there was always a discrepancy in the stats when recording the "reached on error" (ROE) stat.   What is an error or a hit was always in dispute and calculated differently by different teams.  

Today we simply have onbase percentage and homeruns.   Neither of which are subjective.  You are either safe or you are out.   You either hit a homerun or you did not.

A quick look at a few teams stats will show that they are missing HUNDREDS of outs from the 2010 season.   I agree with the poll numbers, teams are "cooking the books" which is pretty ridiculous when you think about it.   There is one team that had more homer's hit than were allowed for the number of games they played in the tournament that I looked at.      


Should Conference tournament statistics be kept by a 3rd party group?
Number of Voters 27

(23  85.2%) Yes 
( 4  14.8%) No 

Much like the stat book "cooking" question, pollsters agree that a 3rd party should keep the stats.   The way they are done now, each Conference team simply emails their teams stats in to the USSSA office and they are entered into the database for each player.

The best way for conference stats to be kept is for the tournament director to pass out the carbon copy triplicate (yellow, pink, white) scorebook sheets to all the teams.   When the team gets done with the tournament they keep the Yellow copy for each game, give the Pink copies to USSSA and the White copies to the third party person that tallies the stats.   If there is a discrepancy, the third party person can simply look at the opposing teams scorebook to reconcile.

I have offered to tally the stats for free and post every atbat of every game online for all to see.


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