Sunday April 22nd, 2018

OC wins 2016 ASA Corky’s Open!



Final 2016 Open Bracket for the Corky's

Link to the Corky's web page

OC and West Coast Monsta split the ASA Super Qualifier championship at the Corky's this year when WC Monsta had to catch flights during the championship game Sunday.

Update: some are telling me that OC won the Corky's.  I guess there is some disagreement over the winner due to WC Monsta leaving to catch flights.




4 responses to “OC wins 2016 ASA Corky’s Open!”

  1. MWS#13 says:

    FYI the info you got was false. Monsta never beat OC the first game of ship. They were up 2 in the 5th inning then had to leave. With OC beating them in the chair game that makes OC the winner. Not sure why the TD and everyone is calling it a split.

  2. So Cal says:

    Common sense dictates that if you leave during the “if” game, you are not a co-champ.

  3. Aceto says:

    WC Monsta guys were nothing but class acts all weekend, even though they had flights to catch they still wanted to start the championship. WC Monsta was up by 2 to start the 5th inning in game 1 of the championship before it was called. Big thanks to those guys for making Corky’s even more fun

  4. WC Monsta had to leave for flights. They asked Josh of OC if they could be declared Co-Champions if they gave up the prizes. Josh took the prizes and they were declared co-champs. No one was harmed.


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